Wisconsin Cougar Sightings Confirmed

Wisconsin Cougar Sightings Confirmed

WI Cougar Sightings

The DNR has confirmed this cougar sighting in Wisconsin In Lincoln & Marinette counties.


While Wisconsin usually has quite a few “Cougar Sightings” in local bars around college campuses, we do not usually see many of the large cat that eats animals variety. This has recently changed. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources biologists have confirmed what anyone who has seen these trail camera photos already knew, that there were cougars in the state of Wisconsin. Continue Reading

Opening Weekend Wisconsin Duck Hunt- User Submission

Opening Weekend Wisconsin Duck Hunt

opening day weekend duck hunt

The opening weekend of the Wisconsin duck hunt fared well for these guys

This weekend was the opening weekend of the southern Wisconsin duck hunt and I managed to get out with some friends on Beaver Dam Lake. We shot eight ducks and one goose on Saturday, which if you looked at the percentages of shells shot to kills, we’d be doing extremely poor. None the less, it was a great weekend and a ton of fun. Check out more photos from the weekend hunt below. Continue Reading

QAD Ultra-Rest HD Pro Series: Product Review

QAD Ultra-Rest HD Pro Series Review

QAD Drop Away Rest

The QAD Ultra Rest HD Drop Away Arrow Rest is a Great Arrow Rest for anyone Who Wants a Quiet, Accurate Shot.

A few years back I bought a new bow and did a good amount of research on some of the accessories available to make the best setup possible. It did not take too long before I stumbled upon QAD and their drop away rests and I was blown away by the quality of their product. I had never used a drop-away rest before, but the QAD drop away rest made this transition very easy. Continue Reading