The Waterfowler

A Wisconsin Waterfowlerimg_20151007_092021

From divers to puddle ducks, Wisconsin offers a wide variety of ducks to chase, and I’m going to give you some tips on how I’m able to finish ducks in many different situations. These different types of ducks can be found from dry land fields to shallow marshes, or even out to the depths of the big lakes.  With each species targeted in a total different presentation and location, you could end up accumulating as much equipment as a farmer would have. Continue Reading

How Does your Dog Retrieve a Bird?

How Does your Dog Retrieve a Bird?

By: Jesse Dieckmenimg_0830

First of all, I should explain myself a little better by starting with, “What are the different types of mouth a dog may have?”  The type of mouth plays a big part in how or if your dog carries the bird back to you on the retrieve and the delivery into hand. The different types of mouth can be broken down in to four categories.  The four distinctions are “soft mouth, hard mouth, sticky mouth, and freezing.”  A perfectly good retrieve is when a dog grabs a hold of the bird in the middle and with a good firm grip brings the bird back in a condition that is fit for the table. Continue Reading

Wisconsin Gun Deer Season Stats

DNR Gun Deer Season Update:jim-wackler-deer-1

Wisconsin’s annual nine-day gun deer hunt sees increase in statewide buck harvest – opportunities for antlerless deer hunting continue through January!
Close to 600,000 deer hunters embraced the excitement of another nine-day gun deer season in Wisconsin, and preliminary numbers show an increase in the buck harvest, especially in the far northern counties. Continue Reading

Traeger Grill Products Make Your Thanksgiving Feast Easier than Ever!

Traeger Grill Your Thanksgiving Turkey this Year

Grilling Gift List

Traeger’s Grilling accessories are the perfect gifts for this holiday season.

Thanksgiving has arrived and Christmas is right around the corner. If you’re looking for some interesting ways to cook your turkey this year, Traeger Grills and accessories can help. We’ve also got some great gift ideas for the chef in your family. Check out our Grilling Gift List below and all of the great Traeger Grill products. Continue Reading

Preparing for Deer Hunting Season

Preparing For Deer Hunting Season

preparing for deer hunting

To prepare for deer hunting season you need to make sure that you’re ready for a marathon on hunting.

It’s an exciting time of year: the seasons are a changin’ and the beginning of hunting season is upon us. You go through the motions of pulling out your camo and restocking needed supplies, but some small details may get overlooked in your excitement to get out in the woods. To ensure you fill your tag, be a smart and prepared hunter. Continue Reading