Double Bass Catch-User Submission

Double Bass Catch

Reed Ramey Bass

Reed Ramey caught two bass on the same lure while fishing with his uncle.

Reed Ramey loves to fish and he got to experience a pretty lucky catch catch the other day. Reed thought he’d be reeling in one nice bass, but he got lucky and caught two big bass on the same lure with a double hook! Continue Reading

A New Way To Hunt

Benefits To Self-filming Your Hunt

By: Chase Larson


Chase and Todd Larson Filming their hunting adventures

For many hunters,

being able to enjoy nature’s gifts and spending time with family and friends are the keys to a memorable hunt. For many years, the enjoyment, fulfillment and overall emotions of that day are shared through photographs and the memories of the people that experienced it. When I was a young boy, barely able to walk, my father would strap me on his back, taking me through the tall grasses and vast, wide-open plains of Kansas, searching for signs of deer, pheasant and possible goose/duck hunting spots for the upcoming season. Throughout my childhood, my dad and I put on some miles creating thousands of memories that we both will always cherish and never forget. Besides having the memories, we would always end with a photograph. Continue Reading

A Day Of Shooting Foam

The Rinehart R100


Shooters at the Rinehart R-100

Have you ever wanted to shoot in one of the greatest archery events? Well here’s your chance! The Rinehart R100 is a nationwide archery shoot that consists of either a one day or two day course. You shoot upwards of 50 to 100 life size targets, all ranging different distances with different animals. Continue Reading

Trophy Scoring System Done Easy

Wildgame Innovations

Trophy Tape


Wildgame Innovation’s new product Trophy Tape

Its 4:30 AM,

and you beat your alarm clock to put a stop to that screeching  tone that everyone dreads in the morning. With great anticipation, you quick grab some coffee and check what mother nature is going to throw your way! It should prove to be a typical, crisp fall morning. You notice that the wind is taking charge today, showing you the direction you must take to the stand that you’ve been waiting all season to sit in. Continue Reading

The Best Name in Fillet Knives is now Tackling Big Game

Rapala Classic Birch Skinning Knife Review

Rapala Skinning Knife

The Rapala Classic Birch Collection of premium hunting knives includes this impressive 4.5 inch skinning knife.

Getting a big animal on the ground is only the beginning for most big game hunters, then, the real work starts. The last thing you want to have happen when you’re miles back in mountain country is a skinning knife that isn’t sharp and we’ve got one of the best reputations in knife-making here to help you out. Continue Reading

Marriage Planning For The Outdoorsman

Marriage Planning For The Outdoorsman, A Marriage Solunar Table

outdoor marriag

If you decide to get married, make sure the outdoorsman in you picks the date.

As I’ve lamented in past columns, I really messed up when I agreed to marry my lovely wife on October 22nd. Don’t get me wrong, marrying her was the absolute smartest decision I ever made. We have been married for 24 years and I couldn’t have found a better life partner and mother to our daughters. The mess up was choosing to get married in late October. Most guys get in trouble because they forget it’s their anniversary. I’m usually not even in the same state as my wife, Jeannie, on that day. Continue Reading