The Joe Franz Buck Video

Joe Franz Buck Video

I’m sure by now many of you have heard of the absolute giant buck that was shot in Iowa a week or so ago but now the video of this epic hunt is finally out. The guys over at Trophy Pursuit have taken what very likely could be the largest free range whitetail on video and is one hunt you won’t want to miss! check it out!

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Wisconsin Wolf Kill- User Submission

Wisconsin Wolf Kill- User Submission

Wisconsin Wolf Kill

Kevin Hamill shot this wolf in Wisconsin during the 2014 wolf hunt.

The Wisconsin wolf season has been officially closed, but not before 98 wolves in the state were harvested under the DNR quota. We received this user submission of a big colorful Wisconsin wolf that was shot by Kevin Hamill of Marshfield. The wolf looks to be pretty impressive in size, at least six feet in length. Wisconsin recently opened their wolf season a few years ago and hunters and trappers have been able to harvest low quota numbers that are set by biologists in the Department of Natural Resources. Continue Reading

11 Year Old Michigan Hunter Shoots Rare Albino Buck

Albino Buck Shot in Michigan

MI Albino Buck

Gavin Dingman shot this rare albino buck in Michigan with his crossbow. Photo taken by family of Gavin.

Ablino 12 Point Buck Killed

Most 11 year olds don’t get the chance to shoot a big 12 point buck in Michigan, hell, most hunters don’t in Michigan, but that was not the case for Gavin Dingman. Gavin, 11, of Oceola Township in Michigan was able to shoot this 12 point albino buck last week with his crossbow while hunting with his father. The Dingmans had spotted the buck several times in earlier seasons and had photos of it but this is the first time they had a chance to shoot the trophy whitetail buck.  Continue Reading

How to Track Phases of the Rut

How to Track Phases of the Rut

Phases of the Rut

Learning what phase of the rut you’re in can help you pin point deer locations and get you a big buck

It’s that beautiful time of year, the rut. We all love it. We all wait all year for it. The question is… when does it start? How do we know when the rut is on and what phase it’s in? Some of you are going, “well who cares? As long as I’m seeing bucks.” Understanding and being able to tell what phase of the rut is on will help you pin point where big bucks are and where they are going to be. Learn how to track phases of the rut below. Continue Reading

Potential Wisconsin State Record Typical Buck Shot

Potential Wisconsin State Record Typical Buck Shot

Adam Hupf Buck

This buck green scored 202 inches gross and could be the next WI state record typical buck

Monster Wisconsin Typical Buck Shot

Some hunters, just like some athletes have that “it” factor, Adam Hupf is one of those hunters. Most guys (and girls) dream of killing a 200 inch monster buck, but very few do it. Adam has managed the impossible, to take two bucks of this caliber in less than five years. Not only has he put some massive deer down, but he now has shot what could be the next Wisconsin State Typical Archery Record. Last week, Adam arrowed a buck that he’s been hunting for quite some time and it has the potential to be a new Wisconsin State Archery Record Buck.  Continue Reading

The Difference is in the Rod: St. Croix is a Step Ahead of the Rest

St. Croix Rod Reviews

st croix rod reviews

Buying a St. Croix rod can show a fisherman just how many fish he’s been missing out on.

Since I was a kid, I have been making the yearly trip down the fishing rod aisle at the sporting goods store. My search was always for a rod that would hold up against a tough fish, yet show every sign of action from the fish. I tried everything, from the Ugly Stik, to the Berkeley Cherrywood, even to some more expensive models like the Fenwick. It was two years ago when I received my first St. Croix rod as a gift for Christmas. Since then, I have not had to make any further trips or purchases. I had always held off on buying a St. Croix rod because the price was a little out of my range (these rods retail at anywhere from $100-$400). It was a brutal wait until the ice thawed that spring and I was able to try out my present.
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