Top Tips On How To Enjoy Your Fishing Experience


For those who love the outdoors and the great outdoors, an ideal day would involve taking a boat out on a lake or spending time in nature at a beach. There is something about fishing that takes you into another world away from reality. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your experience! Continue Reading

6 Benefits You Can Enjoy from Hiking


Hiking is a great way to get in shape because it provides an intense workout for your muscles and heart. And when you’re not being active, you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds you at every turn. From mountain tops to seashores, if there’s something worth seeing, there will be a trail-ready for you to take it on! Read this article to find out the benefits you can enjoy from hiking. Continue Reading

An Easy-to-Follow Guide on How to Improve Your Duck Hunting Success

An Easy-to-Follow Guide on How to Improve Your Duck Hunting Success

Hunting ducks is one of the most popular outdoor activities in North America. These birds are difficult to see in the water and are perfect targets for hunters. Hunting ducks is an adrenaline rush, which is what makes it so enticing as a sport. It is different from other hunting activities like deer because you can hunt with friends and have a good time. Many other forms of hunting require you to stay silent and unmoving the entire time.  Continue Reading

Camping in Comfort: 5 Tools to Add to Your Adventure Arsenal

Camping in Comfort: 5 Tools to Add to Your Adventure Arsenal

The great outdoors can be an amazing escape from reality, but it can also be hot, dangerous, uncomfortable and difficult to navigate at times. If you’re the type of person who likes to get out every weekend and spend time in the woods, whether it’s hiking, camping, fishing or hunting, there are a few things you might want to invest in to make your adventure trips a little more comfortable. Continue Reading

Public Land For Trophy Deer

Public Land Offers Ample Opportunity For Trophy Deer

By: Pat Kalmerton

The phrase “there is nowhere to hunt” is nonsense – yet it rings out all over the United States from hunters of all ages and genders. Investing time to research and discover public areas to pursue hunting adventures yields pleasant surprises! There are acres of opportunities that lie behind open gates. Continue Reading

The True Meaning Of Hunting

The 500,000 Friends You Haven’t Met

By: Tyler Lomibao

As the old saying goes, “It’s that time of year again!” This weekend marks one of the biggest holidays of the year. No, it’s not a Hallmark holiday. It’s opening weekend of Wisconsin’s gun deer season! I will join you all as 1 of the roughly 500,000 hunters that will watch the Saturday sun rise dressed in blaze orange. Continue Reading

Smoking Wild Meat

Beginners Guide to Smoking Wild Meat

New technology of pellet grills make smoking wild game less of a headache

By PJ Cashman

As intimidating getting into hunting or fishing can be for new sportsmen, it is also one of the most exciting parts about the outdoors. Any outdoorsman can tell you about the first deer they shot, their first Western hunt, or first big water fishing trip – and keeping that excitement alive with new experiences is one of the greatest aspects of enjoying the outdoors. Continue Reading

Chasing Hasenpfeffer

Chasing Hasenpfeffer

Great winter hunting opportunities lend themselves to a delicious dish at the dinner table

By Mike Yurk

With the conclusion of Thanksgiving weekend, deer hunting season ended and for most people hunting was over for the year as I was growing up. Duck hunting had closed some time around the middle of November. Yes, pheasant hunting still continued, stretching through December, but the chances of finding a pheasant so late in the season was fairly remote in those days. As everyone was cleaning guns for the last time and putting them away, I was getting ready for some of my favorite hunting. Continue Reading