Wisconsin Fishing Expo Results

2017 Wisconsin Fishing Expo sees 12.5-percent attendance spike


Slinger, WI –  The Wisconsin Fishing Expo (WFE), already the largest fishing expo in Wisconsin, and arguably the Midwest, drawing  over 20,000 attendees per year, saw a 12.5-percent increase in paid-attendance for 2017.  Held at the at the Alliant Energy Center Convention Hall in Madison, WI, with over 110,000 square feet of exhibit space, the 2017 WFE boasted a combination of new attractions, focused advertising, and mostly-favorable weather which helped to contribute to the WFE’s continued success. Continue Reading

Getting Kids Involved

Introducing our outdoor legacy

By: Jack Tucker

A first impression, like regretful acts and angry words spoken, cannot be taken back or changed.  It cannot be amended, colorized in a better light, or softened to make it easier to be absorbed.  It is what it is which is, even more true for our very young children compared to the older ones who have a little bit of life’s experience to temper an initial blast of something new to their senses.  Young children, although unaware of this, rely on their parents for guidance on how to react to something new and if that first chance to shape an attitude is missed, then the opportunity can be lost forever; there is only one ‘first time.’ Continue Reading

Catching Fish is a Bonus for Wisconsin Ice Fisherman

Catching Fish is a Bonus for Wisconsin Ice Fisherman

little fish

Getting out on the ice is a great way to break up the cold Midwestern winters

During the cold winter days in Wisconsin (we have plenty) many people stay inside and cabin fever can set in very quickly for outdoorsman. If you find yourself in this boat and haven’t tried out ice fishing, then you need to give it a shot.  Continue Reading

Low Harvest Rate of Yearling Bucks this Past Year

Lowest Harvest Rate of Yearling Bucks Ever in the U.S.

Lowest Harvest Rate of Yearling Bucks Ever

2012-2013 was the year that had the Lowest Harvest Rate of Yearling Bucks Ever

People like to shoot big bucks, but it’s really only been until recently that many hunters have started passing up any sort of antler and waiting for a bigger one. Luckily for those of us who like to let the little ones grow, more people are doing so. Continue Reading

Virginia to Allow Hunting on Sundays

Virginia to Allow Hunting on Sundays

Virginia Sunday Hunting

Hunters in Virginia will soon be able to hunt on Sundays

The Virginia House of Delegates passed a bill on January 28th that will allow hunting on Sundays in the state of Virginia. Previously, hunting was banned on Sundays and is in several states in the Eastern U.S. Continue Reading