Gigantic North Dakota Mule Deer Buck Shot- User Submission

North Dakota Mule Deer Buck of a Lifetime

Cole Fenzel Buck

Cole Fenzel shot this enormous mule deer buck during the North Dakota mule deer hunt with his bow. The buck had a non typical score of 206 6/8 and the net was 196 3/8.

Cole Frenzel is a fan of MorningMoss and a North Dakota bow hunter. This past season he had the experience of a lifetime when he shot an absolute gigantic mule deer buck. Read the story below as told by Cole about his 206 6/8 inch buck that netted a typical score of 196 3/8 inches.  Continue Reading

A True Hunting Story of Rog and I

Me and Rog

A Snowy Adventure

By: Jim Patterson

A particular winter came along, the bow season was still open, and neither me nor Rog had put a deer in the freezer.

It was December 31, 1971 and a New Year was in the offing. There had been a lot of snow this winter, and I mean a lot of snow, and walking in the woods and fields was almost impossible. But, I had a spot where it wouldn’t be too hard to get back into. Continue Reading

Its Food Plot Time!

Starting from Scratch

Creating a Divers Wildlife Paradise

by Steve Jordan

Fruit trees are wrapped and caged to protect them from mice and other animals that may damage the young trees


Let’s say,

you just purchased a new property or you have never had a food plot for wildlife on your existing property or lease. There are many different ways to handle it. One is to check with a local farmer to see if he can work up an area for you and possibly plant it in corn or soybeans. This method is very common. Eventually the food plot evolves into a more diversified mixture of plants consisting of a good turnip mix, clovers, or alfalfa and still some corn and soybeans. Continue Reading

A Day Of Shooting Foam

The Rinehart R100


Shooters at the Rinehart R-100

Have you ever wanted to shoot in one of the greatest archery events? Well here’s your chance! The Rinehart R100 is a nationwide archery shoot that consists of either a one day or two day course. You shoot upwards of 50 to 100 life size targets, all ranging different distances with different animals. Continue Reading

Possible New World Record Brown Bear Shot in Alaska

Possible New World Record Brown Bear Shot in Alaska

World Record Brown Bear

Chris Stewart shot this massive brown bear in Alaska on May 13. The bear is in contention for the world record archery bear. Photos courtesy of Chris Stewart

Friday the 13th may not be the ideal date to be hunting one of the world’s largest predators with a bow, but that’s exactly what Chris Stewart was doing when he was hunting brown bears in the Alaskan Tundra. On May 13, 2016, Chris was hunting with Carl Adams, his guide from Becharof Lodge in Egegik, Alaska. On the fourth day of his 10 day hunt, Chris got to experience two of North America’s greatest predators and he was able to get them both. Continue Reading

Deer Rescued After It’s Head Got Stuck

Deer Saved From Plastic Ball Stuck on it’s Head

deer with light stuck on head

This deer had gotten a globe light stuck on its head but a New York environmental officer was able to get it off and get the deer out safely.

You’ve heard of a deer getting caught in the headlights before, but have you ever seen one get caught with it’s head in a light? We didn’t think so. Last year we saw an article of a buck with a basketball stuck in his antlers, but this is a whole different story.  Continue Reading