Big Washington State Whitetail Shot-User Submission

Big Washington State Whitetail Shot-User Submission

washington state buck

Joe Moodie shot this giant whitetail during the Washington state rifle hunt after chasing it all throughout the archery and muzzleloader seasons.

Joe Moodie had been chasing one buck all throughout archery and muzzleloader season, but had not managed to wrap his tag around it when the rifle season began. Unfortunately for this big buck, his days were number. With rifle in hand, Joe was finally able to catch up to this big buck that he shot with his rifle in Washington State.  Continue Reading

Traeger Grill Products Make Your Thanksgiving Feast Easier than Ever!

Traeger Grill Your Thanksgiving Turkey this Year

Grilling Gift List

Traeger’s Grilling accessories are the perfect gifts for this holiday season.

Thanksgiving has arrived and Christmas is right around the corner. If you’re looking for some interesting ways to cook your turkey this year, Traeger Grills and accessories can help. We’ve also got some great gift ideas for the chef in your family. Check out our Grilling Gift List below and all of the great Traeger Grill products. Continue Reading

Preparing for Deer Hunting Season

Preparing For Deer Hunting Season

preparing for deer hunting

To prepare for deer hunting season you need to make sure that you’re ready for a marathon on hunting.

It’s an exciting time of year: the seasons are a changin’ and the beginning of hunting season is upon us. You go through the motions of pulling out your camo and restocking needed supplies, but some small details may get overlooked in your excitement to get out in the woods. To ensure you fill your tag, be a smart and prepared hunter. Continue Reading

Finding Doe vs. Buck Bedding Spots and How to Improve Them

Finding Buck Beds

Buck Rub

Finding buck bedding areas is important to killing big deer in the fall.

Mapping deer bedding spots can be tedious, but it’s an investment that can possibly can payoff as your best investment of the season. Discerning between the two types of bedding spots – bedding areas for does and bedding areas for adult bucks – is important to track which deer you’re going for. There are also simple steps you can follow to create or improve a deer bed to keep the deer coming back to the same place. Continue Reading

The Mountains are Calling and you Need a Tent that Can Handle Them

Slumberjack In-Season 2 Person Tent Review

SlumberJack in season tent review

The Slumberjack in-season 2 person tent is a great addition to a mountain hunter’s tools.

Hunting, hiking and camping get you caught in all kinds of crazy situations and crazy weather. For those who love the outdoors, there is no season that can’t be spent outside and for times like these you need a tent that can handle all weather. The Slumberjack In-Season 2 person tent is a great addition to your camping arsenal and will not limit you by a season or weather.  Continue Reading

Linn County Iowa Monster Buck Killed – User Submission

Linn County Iowa Monster Buck Killed – User Submission

Giant Linn County Iowa Buck

This giant Linn County Iowa buck was shot by Todd Becker on November 3, 2016

Todd Becker from Linn County, Iowa killed a giant buck on November 3rd after watching the Cubs win the world series in a late night the night before. Be sure to read this incredible story he told on an incredible deer!

So this is the story of the November 3rd 2016 hunt. The Cedar River in Linn County has been flooded out all summer. So the deer are pushed out of the river bottom timber and islands on the river on our hunting ground. So we only had a few stands to hunt on the higher ground. I had only been out three times before this hunt on Wednesday. On Mondaynight we had a very nice deer hit the camera. One of my buddies went Tuesday morning and did not see Mr Big. My only chance to hunt was on Wednesday morning! Trust me it was tough getting up after that long Cubbie WS Championship! Continue Reading