Hunting and Fishing Photographer: John Hafner

John Hafner is One of the Best in Hunting and Fishing Photography

giant buck picture

John Hafner tells a hunting and fishing story with his outdoor photography

One of the best parts about hunting, fishing and the outdoors in general is experiencing the beauty in nature. Many people choose to savor these moments with photography and John Hafner has found a niche in the hunting and fishing photography market. John is able to capture not only the moment of the kill in any hunt, but also the story of the experiences made. Continue Reading

Product Review: Predator Camo Fleece Jacket

Predator Camo Fleece Jacket

Late season hunting in Northern states can be brutally cold and I know first hand what it feels like

Predator Camo Fleece Jacket

Predator Camo Fleece Jacket in Brown Deception color is quiet and warm

to freeze your ass off in a tree stand. For this type of weather, you need a warm jacket and Predator Camo has the perfect one. Continue Reading

Wisconsin Fisherman Catches Potential World Record Musky

Potential World Record Musky Caught & Released in Green Bay, WI

Back in May, a Wisconsin angler by the name of John Grover caught and released a fish that

World Record Musky

John Grover caught and released this potential world record musky in Green Bay, Wisconsin

potentially could have propelled him into the world record books. ON May 9, Grover was fishing for walleyes on the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin when he hooked onto something a little larger than what his 17 pound test fishing line usually handles. After an hour of fighting this massive fish, John hoisted a giant musky from the waters of the Fox. John landed the fish, measured it, took some pictures and then released it back into the water. Continue Reading

Time To Get In Shape For Hunting Season

Get in Shape for Hunting Season

Your stands and blinds are set, all your gear is ready, the food plots are in, what could you possibly

Get in Hunting Shape

Getting in shape for hunting season is important for success

need to do to get ready for hunting season still? That question is easy and it’s one that is constantly overlooked by many, getting into hunting shape. While many people assume that hunters and outdoorsman are injured by weapons, it’s actually health related instances, such as heart attacks that claim lives. Staying in shape to drag out will not only make your job easier, but it could save your life. Continue Reading