Walleye Beer Dinner – User Submission

Walleye Beer Dinner – User Submission

Walleye Dinner

This fisherman managed to catch a nice walleye and is ready to fry it up with an ice cold Bud Light

This Wisconsin fisherman managed to catch a few nice walleyes including this 22 incher to fry up for dinner. He didn’t make any mistakes forgetting the beer too.

Pretty soon the walleyes will be running in Wisconsin and many fisherman will be catching plenty of fish. Send us your photos of big fish and stories by submitting them on our site. Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter.

Casey Witt

Casey is a die-hard bow hunter from Northeast Wisconsin who has a great passion for anything and everything related to whitetail deer. You can find him in the woods spending most of his free time scouting, hunting and looking for shed antlers. Once in a while he tries his luck at ice fishing, but his skills on public land big bucks can be seen by the monsters hanging on his wall.