Massive 191 inch Buck Shot near Slinger, WI

Massive 191 inch Buck Shot near Slinger, WI

Massive 191 inch WI Buck

Ross Weber shot this gigantic 191 inch Wisconsin buck near the Slinger/West Bend, Wisconsin area on October 13.

Most bucks in Wisconsin have gotten their pictures taken and the hunters know that they’re around, but every once in a while you get a story like this one where a buck avoids people and cameras and is a big, big surprise. Ross Weber encountered a buck like this on the evening of October 13, 2015 near the Slinger/West Bend Wisconsin area and it turned out to be the hunt of a lifetime.  Continue Reading

2015 Wisconsin Bear Hunt Success

2015 Wisconsin Bear Hunt Success

Wisconsin Bear Hunt

PJ Cashman shot this 310 pound boar on his first ever Wisconsin bear hunt in Washburn, WI in Bayfield, County.

Last week I was lucky enough to go on a hunt that I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time, my first Wisconsin bear hunt. Wisconsin is a tough state to bear hunt due to the wait that you must have to draw a tag. I applied for points for 7 years before finally being able to draw my tag in Zone D and was extremely excited to hunt an animal that I’ve rarely ever seen.  Continue Reading

Kevin Clouse – Giant Animal Machine!

Kevin Clouse – Giant Animal Machine!

Kevin Clouse Musky

Kevin Clouse caught this huge 50 inch musky recently and previously was the hunter who shot the beer can buck in Missouri.

You may remember Kevin Clouse from his huge Beer Can Buck that he shot last fall in Missouri, but the hunter and fisherman has done it again! Kevin recently caught this giant 50 inch musky and as you can see from the photo above, it’s a whopper! Continue Reading

Lake Hemet, CA Fishing Cast- User Submission

Lake Hemet, CA Fishing Cast- User Submission

Lake Hemet CA Fishing

Lynnette Karagines took this photo of Joe Shaff on Lake Hemet in California while he was throwing out a cast.

Sometimes fishing isn’t all about holding up the trophy after you reel it in. Many times, it’s about the peace and quiet out on the water and that’s what Lynnette Karagines of Riverside, CA was hoping to capture with this photograph of Joe Shaff, also of Riverside.  Continue Reading

Beer Can Buck Mount is Done!

Missouri Beer Can Buck Mount

beer can buck mount

Kevin Clouse shot this huge buck dubbed the “beer can buck” in Missouri last fall and he finally got the mount back. It looks great!

Kevin Clouse was the lucky hunter who shot the “Beer Can Buck” last Missouri at Tombstone Creek Outfitters last December. Kevin had a crazy hunt that day and was able to shoot this 200+ inch giant! He had seen the deer in years prior and was pumped to get a chance to kill it. Continue Reading

23lb Musky from Rochester, WI – User Submission

Musky caught on Fox River in Rochester, WI.

Musky caught on the Fox River in Rochester, WI.

MorningMoss reader, Brett S., caught this great Musky on the Fox River in Rochester, Wisconsin.  It weighed in at 23 pounds and stretched some 43 inches.  Solid catch, especially for the Fox River!

The biggest and baddest Muskies we’ve seen from Wisconsin reader-submissions have all come from Green Bay.  This beautiful 51-incher and this 54.5-incher both came from the Bay of Green Bay.  Green Bay is also home to the 72-pound Musky that may be the biggest ever caught. Continue Reading

Last Second Turkey Kill- User Submission

WI Turkey Kill

wi turkey hunt

Nick was able to shoot and kill this big 20.7 pound tom during the Wisconsin turkey hunt in the third period.

Nick was about ready to head in for his third period Wisconsin turkey hunt when he decided to walk near where he last heard some toms gobbling. It had been a frustrating season, but on his way back to the truck, he wanted to give it one more shot. Lucky for him, he did. Continue Reading

Keylee’s First Turkey Kill- User Submission

Keylee’s First Turkey Kill

keylees first turkey

Keylee Dreessens shot her first turkey in Galena, IL with a 12 gauge shotgun.

First time hunters are always a blast to take into the field and when they score on an animal, it’s wildly entertaining. Keylee Dreessens shot her first turkey recently with a Franchi 12-gauge shotgun in Galena, IL. The big bird weighed in at 20 pounds and had an 8-inch beard. Continue Reading