Rare Wolf Kill in Southern Wisconsin

Wolf Kills Calf in Columbia County Wisconsin

Wolf Attack southern WI

A wolf attacked and killed a calf in Columbia County, Wisconsin near Poynette. This is a rare occurrence in the Southern part of the state.

Wolf kills are rare in Southern Wisconsin, but they do happen. Last April, a wolf was killed near Portage, WI and this past week, a wolf was doing the killing not very far from Portage in Columbia County.  Continue Reading

Wolf Shot and Killed in Iowa

Wolf Shot and Killed in Iowa

Wolf Killed in Iowa

A wolf was shot and killed in Buchanan County Iowa earlier this year and was confirmed this week

While wolves are no longer a protected, endangered species, they are still technically a fur-bearing animal, which is protected under state code in Iowa and illegal to kill. Wolves are not a common occurrence in the state and the last documented wolf in Iowa was in 1925… until this year. A coyote hunter shot and killed a confirmed wolf in February in Northwest Buchanan County near Fairbanks. The hunter thought he may have killed  a wolf and took it to the DNR office in Manchester to undergo testing to see if it was a wolf. Continue Reading

Wolf Hit By Car in Portage Wisconsin

Wolf Hit By Car in Portage Wisconsin

Portage WI Wolf

This large gray wolf was hit by a car in Portage, Wisconsin. This is pretty uncommon and shows that wolves are moving further South in Wisconsin.

It’s fairly uncommon to see wolves move this far South in Wisconsin and throughout the Mid-West, but there is no arguing about this one. Recently a car struck and killed a large gray wolf in Portage, Wisconsin. I don’t know all of the information yet but as you can see from the photos, the Police were on the scene to check it out.  Be sure to Follow Us on Twitter and Like on Facebook to get the latest Outdoor News. Continue Reading

U.S. Olympian Kate Hansen Films Wolf in her Sochi Hotel

U.S. Olympian Kate Hansen Films Wolf in her Sochi, Russia Hotel

There has been some crazy stuff happening over in Russia at the 2014 Sochi Olympics but this recent video has got to be one of the strangest, and possibly unsafe events that has gone on. U.S. Olympian, Kate Hansen, an American Luge athlete recently posted this video from her Twitter account . The video appears to show a wolf prowling the hallways of her Sochi hotel, but it could also be a large dog? Continue Reading