Deer Fest: A Must For All Whitetail Fanatics

Deer Fest Wisconsin

Deer Fest Wi

Deer Fest is being held in West Bend, Wisconsin this year and will feature some of the biggest names and faces in the outdoor industry.


For those of you who are looking for something fun to do this summer, that is packed with all things whitetail then look no further than Deer Fest in  Wisconsin. This is an event that is full of whitetail celebrities, seminars, vendors, great food and is a blast to attend. No matter if you’re in it to buy some new products, learn some new tricks or just burn some time looking at things you love, Deer Fest in Wisconsin is for you. Continue Reading

Wisconsin Elk Hunt Will Not Happen in 2014

No Wisconsin Elk Hunt in 2014

No Wisconsin Elk Hunt

There will be no Wisconsin elk hunt in 2014 due to low numbers in the herd

There will be no Wisconsin elk hunt in 2014 due to the herd being too small and fragile according to wildlife officials. The announcement is another delay in the management plan that went into effect a decade ago. The laws in Wisconsin prohibit elk hunting until the herd surpasses 200 animals, but car accidents, and bear and wolf kills have deteriorated the herd. The elk population in Wisconsin is estimated to be at about 175 animals this spring after calving.  Continue Reading

Lack of Oxygen Fish Kill Prevalent in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Fish Kill Due to Lack of Oxygen

Fox Lake WI Fish Kill

The fish in this photo washed up on the shores of Fox Lake in central Wisconsin. The fish include crappie, bass and bluegill and were killed due to a lack of oxygen in the water.

While many ice fisherman enjoyed the thick ice that lasted many months this past winter in much of the mid-west, it was not all good for the fish. Lakes that didn’t manage to get an aerator out, or who don’t have one, may have suffered a severe fish kill. We’ve gotten reports from several sources in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota who have been seeing many largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill and other panfish washing up on the shores since the melt. Continue Reading

2014 Wisconsin Deer & Turkey Expo

2014 Wisconsin Deer & Turkey Expo


The 2014 Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo kicks off on April 4th and runs the whole weekend until Sunday the 6th at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI.

It’s about that time of year again, where many hunters and outdoorsman leave their homes and congregate in Madison, WI at the Outdoor Life Deer and Turkey Expo at the Alliant Energy Center. This year is looking to be better than ever and the 2014 Wisconsin Deer & Turkey Expo is shaping up to have some awesome new features, favorite old ones and plenty of big bucks and gobblers to keep you entertained. Continue Reading

WI Morning Coyote Hunt Success- User Submission

WI Morning Coyote Hunt Success- User Submission


Dead Coyote

This MorningMoss user shot this coyote on a cold morning in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin predator hunter shot and killed this coyote that ran right into his call this past week. He was using a .243 rifle and put the coyote down with one shot at 150 yards! Wisconsin has a large predator population but they are becoming increasingly more difficult to hunt and kill. Continue Reading

2014 Wisconsin Sturgeon Season a Big Success

2014 Wisconsin Sturgeon Season a Big Success

WI Sturgeon Season

Successful spearers show off their catch and weigh the sturgeon they pulled out of Lake Winnebago

Customers at a table at the Famous, “Wendts on the Lake,” located on Lake Winnebago near Fond du Lac, WI had a front-row seat to see the steady line of cars easing down the boat launch and onto Lake Winnebago.

Continue Reading

WI Sturgeon Season Kicks Off Saturday

Wisconsin Sturgeon Spearing Season Starts February 8, 2014

WI Sturgeon

The Lake Winnebago Sturgeon season kicks off on Saturday, February 8th

Clear water, thick ice and the anticipation of spearing an ancient fish await thousands of spear fishermen on Lake Winnebago in Oshhkosh, Fond du Lac and across the Fox Valley in Wisconsin this Saturday. Holes have been cut, game plans have been set and there are thousands of shanties out on the ice. Continue Reading

WI Turkey Shot Behind House- User Submission

WI Turkey Shot Behind House- User Submission

Girl Turkey Hunt

WI Hunter bags Turkey Behind Her House

Many hunters dream about killing their trophies right outside their back door, but few of us actually get to. Well, this young lady did just that last spring when she was able to sneak in on a gobbler right behind her house in an alfalfa field. Continue Reading

WI Triple Tom Turkey-User Submission

WI Triple Tom Turkey- User Submission

Triple Tom Turkey

These three young hunters all scored a Tom on opening day in Wisconsin

These three youngsters all tagged out on the first day of their turkey season in Wisconsin. According to their submission, they had two down in one sit and connected on the other tom later in the morning. Continue Reading