Florence County Wisconsin

Florence County

Escape and explore outdoors with family and friends this winter

By: Wendy Gehlhoff

Looking for outdoor winter adventures or a cozy spot to come in from the cold and enjoy great food and great times with friends and family?  Look no further than Florence County, located in northeastern Wisconsin on the border of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Florence County has a population of only 4,500 and 195,193 acres of land under public ownership.  That means over 60% of county land is available to the public giving you endless possibilities for your adventure into the outdoors. With 28 locally-owned restaurants and family-friendly taverns, there is a wide range of food and atmospheres to choose from when you want to relax and refuel after your excitement outdoors.   Continue Reading

Roberts Defense Guns

Roberts Defense

Roberts Defense 1911 Badger Sportsman Magazine recently became aware of a local handgun manufacturer literally right down the street from our office, and with our magazine being all about promoting Wisconsin, its products, and the outdoors, an article on this local business fit right in.  In May, 2016, Marvel Enterprises, Inc., the parent company of the 110-year-old machine tool manufacturer, Marvel Manufacturing, acquired Roberts Defense, a leading producer of premium 1911 pistols. Continue Reading

Poygan Wisconsin Ice Fishing

Poygan Wisconsin Ice Fishing

By: Kyle Sorensen

Ahh yes… It’s that time of year again.  Finally!  Jack Frost shows himself more and more as I look outside to see his unique designs, carefully placed throughout my windows.  The boat seats are caked with frozen dew as I step into the boat for one of the last voyages of this open water season.  The boat’s days are numbered for this year; it’s bittersweet. Continue Reading

Rare Wolf Kill in Southern Wisconsin

Wolf Kills Calf in Columbia County Wisconsin

Wolf Attack southern WI

A wolf attacked and killed a calf in Columbia County, Wisconsin near Poynette. This is a rare occurrence in the Southern part of the state.

Wolf kills are rare in Southern Wisconsin, but they do happen. Last April, a wolf was killed near Portage, WI and this past week, a wolf was doing the killing not very far from Portage in Columbia County.  Continue Reading

Wisconsin to Receive Elk from Kentucky

Wisconsin to Receive Elk from Kentucky

WI Elk from Kentucky

Wisconsin has agreed to a deal that will send 150 elk from Kentucky to Wisconsin over the next 3 years. Photo courtesy of WI DNR elk in Clam Lake, WI

Wisconsin’s elk plan is finally going to pan out after decades of planning. Gov. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources have reached an agreement with the state of Kentucky that will allow Wisconsin DNR to trap up to 150 elk in Kentucky within three of the next five years.  Continue Reading

Potential Wisconsin State Record Typical Buck Shot

Potential Wisconsin State Record Typical Buck Shot

Adam Hupf Buck

This buck green scored 202 inches gross and could be the next WI state record typical buck

Monster Wisconsin Typical Buck Shot

Some hunters, just like some athletes have that “it” factor, Adam Hupf is one of those hunters. Most guys (and girls) dream of killing a 200 inch monster buck, but very few do it. Adam has managed the impossible, to take two bucks of this caliber in less than five years. Not only has he put some massive deer down, but he now has shot what could be the next Wisconsin State Typical Archery Record. Last week, Adam arrowed a buck that he’s been hunting for quite some time and it has the potential to be a new Wisconsin State Archery Record Buck.  Continue Reading

Moose Seen in Northwest Wisconsin

Moose Seen in Northwest Wisconsin


While it is fairly uncommon in Wisconsin, moose sometimes do wander down from Minnesota or Michigan. However, they typically do not venture as far south as Bloomer, but this one was an exception. A moose was seen in Northwest, Wisconsin and many people got some great photographs of it as well as trail camera pictures. The moose was spotted nine miles north of Colfax, Wisconsin. Continue Reading