A True Hunting Story of Rog and I

Me and Rog

A Snowy Adventure

By: Jim Patterson

A particular winter came along, the bow season was still open, and neither me nor Rog had put a deer in the freezer.

It was December 31, 1971 and a New Year was in the offing. There had been a lot of snow this winter, and I mean a lot of snow, and walking in the woods and fields was almost impossible. But, I had a spot where it wouldn’t be too hard to get back into. Continue Reading

Huntin’ for Peace

Huntin’ for Peace

By: Tony Blando

It’s usually the middle of August when I first feel it.  It seems that every year it happens right around that time and generally sets up the same.   This year it happened early on August 20th at the beginning of my morning walk with my better half. Continue Reading