Monster Buck-Burnett County Wisconsin

Huge Burnett County Buck Harvest!

204 gross non typical 197 net non typical

Monster Buck shot in Burnett County Wisconsin!

Opening weekend of archery season in Wisconsin has started, and with that, many eager hunters hit the woods in anticipation on getting into the stand in hopes of having a shot at a monster buck! Well for this lucky hunter in Burnett County he sure had the hunt of a life time! Continue Reading

Want to plant a SUPER perennial crop?

Want to plant a SUPER perennial crop?

By: Steve Jordan

Many hunters don’t have time to mess around with annual plants each and every year.  They are pinched for time between work, weather and family commitments.  Continue Reading



Written by:  Max Muzynoski

It’s Friday, November 27, 2015 of the Wisconsin gun deer season. Not many hunters out and even fewer gunshots heard. I’ve hunted with gun and bow for 46 years now. I clearly remember that deer season meant “nine” days, not just opening weekend and maybe a day or two during the week, but nine days.  It’s tradition! Hunters sure don’t hunt like they did years ago. I give my dad credit for all his guidance in teaching me how to hunt at a young age. I believe in never giving up.  You have to put in the time and effort to be successful; learning hunting skills that only come with experience. The thrill of the hunt has never left me. Continue Reading

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Tree Stand is the newest hang on stand from Lone Wolf and is affordably priced

Lone wolf has been the choice of many hard core whitetail deer hunters for years, but many people have not been able to get into these lightweight, portable stands due to the higher cost. This year, Lone Wolf has come out with a new stand, the Lone Wolf Alph Tech F1 Tree Stand that is much different than the tree stands of the past 20 years. Continue Reading