Primos Club XXL Hub Blind

Primos Club XXL Hub Blind

Primos Hub Blind

The Primos Club XXL Hub Blind is a great addition for any bow hunter, turkey hunter and more.

Turkey season is either here or right around the corner for American hunters and while it may not appear like spring outside, it’s time to start getting your equipment ready for the season. There are many ways to turkey hunt, but two of the most popular are the Run and Gun method and Scouting and Sitting in a blind. If you’re going to be using a blind this season, the Primos Club XXL Hub Blind is a great choice. You can get your Primos Club Hub Blind here at Continue Reading

Winchester Long Beard HR has Turkeys Worried this Spring

Winchester Long Beard HR

Long Beard

Winchester Long Beard HR is sure to be the biggest hit for turkey hunters this spring.

Winchester Long Beard XR is going to be a turkey’s worst nightmare this spring, seriously. The newest turkey shells from Winchester allow hunters to kill game, specifically turkeys at very long ranges. Hunters do not have to choose between affordable lead shells and the high price of premium tungsten with these loads, and they still get great performance. The shells pattern exceptionally well, feature a lead shot coated with copper and are only slightly more expensive than a standard lead shell. You can buy Long Beard for $18.99 at Continue Reading

5 New Turkey Calls for 2014

5 New Turkey Calls for 2014

5 New Turkey Calls for 2014

Check out some of the 5 New Turkey Calls for 2014 that will help any hunter bag their best long-beard yet

Turkey season is coming up fast and everyone loves a new toy now and then. If you want to add an additional call to your arsenal this season, try one of these 5 new turkey calls in 2014.  Continue Reading

Cabelas SL Series Turkey Calls- New Product

Cabelas SL Series Turkey Calls

Cabelas SL Turkey Calls

The Cabelas SL Series Turkey Calls are looking to be a great buy for this season

Cabelas Outfitters has a history of putting out some great products that, for the most part, come without the big name price and it looks like they’ve done it again with an all new series of turkey calls for 2014. The Cabelas SL Series Turkey Calls truly has something for everyone. Whether you like to use a diaphragm, pot call, or box call, you can have your choice with the SL Series. Continue Reading

Avian-X Lifelike Collapsible Turkey Decoy by Zink Calls

Avian-X Lifelike Collapsible Turkey Decoy

Avian-X Lifelike Collapsible  Turkey Decoys

The Avian-X Lifelike Collapsible Turkey Decoys are one of the most realistic decoys on the market

Turkey season is fast approaching and many of us still need to up our game in the decoy department. While there are hundreds of different decoys on the market and many that most of us still have in our garage from the ’90s, there have been vast improvements in realistic decoys in the past few years. The Avian-X Lifelike Collapsible Turkey Decoy from Zink Calls is one of those decoys and is also one of the most lifelike decoys ever made.

Continue Reading

WI Turkey Shot Behind House- User Submission

WI Turkey Shot Behind House- User Submission

Girl Turkey Hunt

WI Hunter bags Turkey Behind Her House

Many hunters dream about killing their trophies right outside their back door, but few of us actually get to. Well, this young lady did just that last spring when she was able to sneak in on a gobbler right behind her house in an alfalfa field. Continue Reading

WI Triple Tom Turkey-User Submission

WI Triple Tom Turkey- User Submission

Triple Tom Turkey

These three young hunters all scored a Tom on opening day in Wisconsin

These three youngsters all tagged out on the first day of their turkey season in Wisconsin. According to their submission, they had two down in one sit and connected on the other tom later in the morning. Continue Reading

Jimbo’s Jumbos- User Submission

Jimbo’s Jumbos- User Submission

Giant Elk & Deer Mounts

This MorningMoss user by the name of Jimbo submitted his mounts of a few of his trophies from just the past 2 years. Keep up the good work!

Reader and fan- Jimbo is showing off a few of his mounts from trophies that he’s managed to tag in the last two seasons. Continue Reading