Hunting Goals: How to Get a Turkey Grand Slam

How to Get a Turkey Grand Slam

Turkey Grand Slam

Earning a turkey hunting grand slam is a goal of many turkey hunters and includes kill four subspecies of wild turkeys.

Many hunters who are passionate about turkey hunting have a goal of one day achieving a turkey hunting grand slam. To earn this, you’ll need to kill four of North America’s wild turkey subspecies. There are two species of turkey that are game animals in North America, the  Ocellated turkey and the wild turkey. The wild turkey is further divided into six subspecies, four of which make up the grand slam of wild turkeys.  Continue Reading

Hunter Scores Limb Hanger Tom Turkey- User Photo

Hunter Scores Limb Hanger Tom- User Photo

Giant Turkey Spurs

This Wisconsin turkey hunter managed to tag out on a beautiful Tom that had some very long spurs showcased in this photo

A lucky Wisconsin turkey hunter managed to bag a great Tom on the first day of the first season. This giant tom weighed in at 28 pounds and had some seriously long spurs on him.  Continue Reading

Pellet Gun Turkey Hunting

Pellet Gun Turkey Hunting

If you’ve been thinking you would like to try a new way to hunt spring turkeys this year, then head on out to California for a challenging hunt with a pellet gun. That’s right, pellet guns. The air guns that have gained tremendous popularity in recent years are legal to hunt Turkeys with in California, and it looks like a ton of fun. The video above shows some great pellet gun turkey hunting and how to get started. Continue Reading

Take a Tom’s Head Off with the Magnus Bullhead Broadhead

Magnus Bullhead Broadhead

magnus broadhead

The large cutting diameter of the magnus bullhead broadhead is perfect for spring turkey hunting

Turkey season is right around the corner and for those of you that choose to use archery equipment, you better have been practicing your shots! If you’ve slacked a little with shooting your bow in the off season, fear not, the Magnus Bullhead Broadhead is here to save you. With one of the largest cutting diameters on the market, this broadhead is forgiving if you’re a little off this spring. Continue Reading

Primos Club XXL Hub Blind

Primos Club XXL Hub Blind

Primos Hub Blind

The Primos Club XXL Hub Blind is a great addition for any bow hunter, turkey hunter and more.

Turkey season is either here or right around the corner for American hunters and while it may not appear like spring outside, it’s time to start getting your equipment ready for the season. There are many ways to turkey hunt, but two of the most popular are the Run and Gun method and Scouting and Sitting in a blind. If you’re going to be using a blind this season, the Primos Club XXL Hub Blind is a great choice. You can get your Primos Club Hub Blind here at Continue Reading

Winchester Long Beard HR has Turkeys Worried this Spring

Winchester Long Beard HR

Long Beard

Winchester Long Beard HR is sure to be the biggest hit for turkey hunters this spring.

Winchester Long Beard XR is going to be a turkey’s worst nightmare this spring, seriously. The newest turkey shells from Winchester allow hunters to kill game, specifically turkeys at very long ranges. Hunters do not have to choose between affordable lead shells and the high price of premium tungsten with these loads, and they still get great performance. The shells pattern exceptionally well, feature a lead shot coated with copper and are only slightly more expensive than a standard lead shell. You can buy Long Beard for $18.99 at Continue Reading