The Must Do – Fishing In Wisconsin

The 12 Step Program To Complete Your WI Fishing Bucket List.

The Must Do Dozen

By: Barb Carey

Wisconsin is one of the most diverse places to fish in the world.  In addition to a variety of species that are available, there are also opportunities to experience unique styles of fishing, some of which have a sub culture of their own. Consider this a bucket list of Wisconsin Fishing Adventures. Continue Reading

Spiritual Enlightenment

Opening Day Spiritual Enlightenment

By: Lawrence H. Balleine

It’s 5:30 a.m. The sun hasn’t yet risen. As I pack my fishing gear in the back of my small SUV for a couple of hours on the stream, I recall an assumption that is often made – human beings are of superior intelligence. But immediately a follow-up question comes to mind: “If that’s so, why are we still told to ‘think like a fish’ when we go fishing?” Continue Reading

Early Season Trout

Early Season Trout

By: Blake Tollefson


It’s been a long winter, and based on the long term forecast, it’s not showing any signs of ending soon. Many anglers are looking to scratch that open water itch, however, most of the state is still ice and snow covered. Fortunately, for Wisconsin fishermen, a large portion of the state’s trout streams are open during the early catch and release season.  Continue Reading

Video Of The Day!


Ice season is upon us! Check out this crazy video!

Massive Trout While Ice Fishing…

Must Watch! These guys will make you want to go fishing Credit unknown, please message page.

Posted by Basscasters on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

MN Lake Trout Could Be New Ice Fishing World Record

MN Lake Trout Could Be New Ice Fishing World Record

Rob Scott Trout

Rob Scott caught this massive lake trout on Lac la Croix in Minnesota. The 52 pound fish will be the new world record lake trout caught through the ice

Several weeks ago we posted a video of a gigantic lake trout caught ice fishing, and it looked like that fish would be a tough one for the 2014 season to beat. Well, not so fast. A Minnesota fisherman named Rob Scott fishing on Lac La Croix recently watched his tip up spool spin furiously and after a long hard fight, at the end of the line was  a 45 inch long, 52 pound 3 ounce Monster Lake Trout. Continue Reading