Spiritual Enlightenment

Opening Day Spiritual Enlightenment

By: Lawrence H. Balleine

It’s 5:30 a.m. The sun hasn’t yet risen. As I pack my fishing gear in the back of my small SUV for a couple of hours on the stream, I recall an assumption that is often made – human beings are of superior intelligence. But immediately a follow-up question comes to mind: “If that’s so, why are we still told to ‘think like a fish’ when we go fishing?” Continue Reading

Springtime Brown Trout


By Capt. Lee Haasch 

Got that itch for open water fishing? Late March and April is the time to scratch it with some brown trout action! Late March is that magical time of the year when you can launch your boat in the morning and troll the shallows of Lake Michigan for brown trout and then slide up to Green Bay and walk out on the ice and pop a couple of nice walleye in the evening. Every year it’s a waiting game for that magical day that the launching ramp is ice-free and we can back the Starcraft down the launch ramp and get after those “silver footballs!” Continue Reading

September Beauty: Taking Advantage of Wisconsin’s Closing Trout Fishing Weekend

Taking Advantage of Wisconsin’s Closing Trout Fishing Weekend

Autumn Trout Stream

There is nothing more beautiful than an autumn trout stream in Wisconsin on closing weekend.

An angler never has to make an excuse to head out to the pristine waters of the trout stream, but if needed, the majestic colors and the feel of the fresh fall breeze would certainly suffice. I had the pleasure of doing just that during this past weekend. As I walked through the woods, in utter awe of the burning ruby leaves around me, I couldn’t help but remember why I am always drawn to the stream during Wisconsin’s closing weekend. Continue Reading