Winnebago Ice Fishing

Winnebago Ice Fishing

A new season, a new adventure…

By: Larry Smith

A new ice-fishing season is upon us, and with the arrival of this year’s layer of hard water comes new opportunities for adventure, fun and fishing success.  Even though I may fish across the Midwest in pursuit of different species and unique fishing scenarios while filming Larry Smith Outdoors, I spend a tremendous amount of time, both guiding and exploring, on the system that I like to call home:  The Winnebago System. Continue Reading

Preparing for Deer Hunting Season

Preparing For Deer Hunting Season

preparing for deer hunting

To prepare for deer hunting season you need to make sure that you’re ready for a marathon on hunting.

It’s an exciting time of year: the seasons are a changin’ and the beginning of hunting season is upon us. You go through the motions of pulling out your camo and restocking needed supplies, but some small details may get overlooked in your excitement to get out in the woods. To ensure you fill your tag, be a smart and prepared hunter. Continue Reading

Finding Doe vs. Buck Bedding Spots and How to Improve Them

Finding Buck Beds

Buck Rub

Finding buck bedding areas is important to killing big deer in the fall.

Mapping deer bedding spots can be tedious, but it’s an investment that can possibly can payoff as your best investment of the season. Discerning between the two types of bedding spots – bedding areas for does and bedding areas for adult bucks – is important to track which deer you’re going for. There are also simple steps you can follow to create or improve a deer bed to keep the deer coming back to the same place. Continue Reading

5 Tips to Make you a Better Bowhunter

5 tips to make you a better bow hunter

5 tips to be a better bowhunter

These 5 tips will help improve your skills and make you a better bow hunter

Each deer season, a lot of people take off work, put off social events and change their entire lives for a few weeks so they can go deer hunting. Sadly, many of these people return home with nothing to show for their time except stories and excuses. Many of which get changed from the real facts. You should have fun and learn through hunting. The following are 5 Tips To Make You A Better Bow Hunter: Continue Reading

Dogs Eye View

Gun Shy Dogs: Can It Be Fixed?3

By: Jesse Dieckman

When it comes time to look for your next best hunting companion, the question you must ask yourself is, “Do I get a pup, started, or finished dog?”  Depending on your situation there are both pros and cons to each. Whichever way you decide to go, there are some questions you should think about.   Let’s start with looking for that cute, cuddly, and vivacious puppy. Continue Reading

What to do the First Week of Archery Deer Season?

What to do the First Week of Archery Deer Season?

week one hunting

Early season bow hunting can be tough, but the first week can dictate how your season will go.

In Wisconsin, the first week of bow season for deer is just about here. Out West, it’s been going on for a few weeks but for most of the Midwest and the Eastern states, it’s coming in October. Wherever you lie on this spectrum of when archery season hunts, there are some things that you can do in the first week to not mess up your entire hunting season. Learn what to do in the first week of archery deer season to start your season off on a high note. Continue Reading