Ingrid’s First Sturgeon

Ingrid’s First Sturgeon Spearing Experience

By: Chris Garrison

I wanted my wife, Ingrid, to experience sturgeon spearing and see what it was all about.  I told her the best way to do that the first time was to get an upriver sturgeon tag.  She had never been sturgeon spearing before this year.  She had never even been in a shack before. To be honest, I don’t think she had ever been ice fishing before.   We started applying for an upriver tag for her about 6 years ago.  We finally got the notice late last summer that she had been drawn for an upriver sturgeon tag.  I was extremely excited…she was not. Continue Reading

Who’s Ready For Sturgeon Spearing?

Sturgeon Spearing: Wisconsin’s Hidden Gem

By: Chris Carns

Most Wisconsinites have heard of and know something about sturgeon spearing on Lake Winnebago and the upriver lakes.   Whether you have seen it, done it, or read stories about it-there is surely some common knowledge amongst sportsmen of this somewhat mythological season.  However, there are a number of you out there that are, as of yet, unfamiliar with sturgeon spearing, not to mention its draw, uniqueness, and history.   Sturgeon spearing is a great tradition in Wisconsin (and especially in the Lake Winnebago region).   While the sport and season are known entities to most Wisconsinites, the history of it and work that goes on behind the scenes is both impressive and necessary to keep this “jewel of Wisconsin” at the luster it now maintains. Continue Reading

WI Sturgeon Season Kicks Off Saturday

Wisconsin Sturgeon Spearing Season Starts February 8, 2014

WI Sturgeon

The Lake Winnebago Sturgeon season kicks off on Saturday, February 8th

Clear water, thick ice and the anticipation of spearing an ancient fish await thousands of spear fishermen on Lake Winnebago in Oshhkosh, Fond du Lac and across the Fox Valley in Wisconsin this Saturday. Holes have been cut, game plans have been set and there are thousands of shanties out on the ice. Continue Reading