Big Woods Shed Antlers

Big Woods Shed Antlers

Pj Cashman Shed Antler

This was the only shed antler that I was able to find while walking in Northern Wisconsin.

This past weekend I got the chance to go look for shed antlers with my brother and one of my friends up in Northern Wisconsin. This country has some steep ridges, tons of hardwoods and many valleys and ravines. It can be tough walking, but you never know when you’re going to stumble across a big shed antler.  Continue Reading

Noodle Match Set Shed Antler- User Submission

Noodle Match Set Shed Antler

Kelsey Gese Shed Antler

Kelsey Gese found this matched set with her 13 week old poodle partner in training in Minnesota during #ShedRally 2015.

With #ShedRally this weekend we’ve seen some awesome antlers turn up in our inboxes. While most of the Midwest had a decent amount of snow still, there were still some die-hard shed hunters out there who managed to pick up some bone, including this matched set off of a buck called Noodle in Minnesota. Continue Reading

Big Hanger Shed Antler-User Submission

Big Hanger Shed Antler

hanging shed antler

This hunter found this shed antler hanging on a bush in the middle of a marsh in Michigan.

Shed hunting lets you find a piece of the deer that eluded your or that you chose not to shoot during the season, and many times you see some pretty crazy stuff. This antler submission however is one of the coolest sheds that I’ve ever seen. As you can see from the photo, this was hanging in a bush in a marsh in Michigan. Check out more photos from that same shed walk below and enter yours in the Shed antler photo contest. Continue Reading

Backyard Buck Shed User Submission

Backyard Buck Shed User Submission

backyard buck shed

Cora was able to find this big buck shed while walking around in her grandparent’s backyard.

Cora was one lucky girl last week when she found this big buck shed antler in Wisconsin while walking in her grandparent’s backyard. The big eight pointer was a frequent visitor to the yard all fall and made it’s winter home around there as well, and luckily, Cora was able to find one of his antlers! Continue Reading

Big Wisconsin Shed Find- User Submission

Big Wisconsin Shed Find- User Submission

Wisconsin Shed antlers

These Wisconsin shed antlers were found by Kyle Jansma and a friend on a 12 mile walk looking for deer antlers.

After walking 12 miles in the frigid Wisconsin weather, Kyle was able to come out with some bone in his hands. The two hour walked turned up  four shed antlers and boy, were they beauties. Keep scrolling and click through to see more photos! Continue Reading