Ban on Sunday Hunting Continues on in Pennsylvania

No Sunday Hunting in Pennsylvania after Lawsuit Dismissed

Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting Ban

The Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting Ban continues after a judge ruled that the law is constitutional

Some things in this world are tough to explain and a ban on Sunday hunting is, to me, one of those things. I can’t even fathom why such a law would exist in today’s world where, most people, work Monday through Friday. I understand the religious aspects of it and can even respect that, but that is a personal decision that shouldn’t be left up to lawmakers. Pennsylvania hunters who thought that there was hope of getting to hunt on one of their coveted days off will have to wait a little longer, since U.S. District Judge Yvette Kane determined that a ban on Sunday hunting in the state is in fact, completely constitutional. Continue Reading

Man Tackles Deer that Charged into Dick’s Sporting Goods

Man Tackles Deer that Charged into Dick’s Sporting Good

Deer Tackled in Dick's

A man tackled a live deer at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Reading, PA

Sometimes the day after Christmas can be as crazy of a shopping experience as Black Friday is and shoppers in Reading, Pennsylvania saw that this year when a Deer came crashing into a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. Continue Reading