Trigger More “ice” Fish

Well-balanced Presentations Trigger More ‘Ice’ Fish

Role of the rod and line in ice-fishing success, plus late-ice tips

By: Dave Genz

This winter, we’ve focused on what Dave Genz considers the keys to presenting a bait to fish under the ice. About the effectiveness of horizontal jigs, knot positioning and cadence of the presentation. To tie a bow around the topic, a bit about the crucial role the rod and line play in your ability to execute the Genz pounding presentation and experiment with cadence.  Continue Reading

A Horse of a Different Color

A Horse of a Different Color

A few months ago I made my annual pilgrimage, along with a few fishing buddies, to Canada’s Lake of the Woods, an amazing fishery with over 14,000 islands and 65,000 miles of shoreline that are abundantly inhabited by deer, bear, bald eagles and a profusion of other flora and fauna.  Continue Reading