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Second Saddle Muskies

By: Larry Smith

Everyone knows I’m a walleye guy.  I’m in pursuit of this marble-eyed fish almost every day, guiding clients and friends on lakes throughout Wisconsin from Winnebago to the Bay of Green Bay. Now, don’t get me wrong; I love fishing for walleye. If I didn’t, it sure would be hard to do what I do everyday, being the type of personality that gets bored easily. However, there is one particular species of fish that really gets me amped up more than I already am:  Muskies.    Continue Reading

Fall Musky Anyone?


By: Kyle Sorensenfall-ski

Eye lashes glimmering with ice, fingers have lost all feeling, gusts of wind with a vengeance just hammering at any and all exposed skin; it’s a signature scenario in any true diehard’s quest for fall Esox.  I have lived this scenario many times.  Each time my body says “enough is enough” but my heart tells me “keep on going.”  All that comes crashing down when the splash, the wave, the rod thumping sign of Bertha enters my surroundings.  For that moment, the world stands still.  Environmental factors are forgotten and I am one with the moment. Continue Reading

23lb Musky from Rochester, WI – User Submission

Musky caught on Fox River in Rochester, WI.

Musky caught on the Fox River in Rochester, WI.

MorningMoss reader, Brett S., caught this great Musky on the Fox River in Rochester, Wisconsin.  It weighed in at 23 pounds and stretched some 43 inches.  Solid catch, especially for the Fox River!

The biggest and baddest Muskies we’ve seen from Wisconsin reader-submissions have all come from Green Bay.  This beautiful 51-incher and this 54.5-incher both came from the Bay of Green Bay.  Green Bay is also home to the 72-pound Musky that may be the biggest ever caught. Continue Reading

Fisherman Hauls in Potential State Record Muskie in Washington

Potential State Record Musky Caught in Washington

Washington Record Tiger Muskie

David Hickman caught this 37 pound 14 ounce tiger muskie on Curley Lake in the state of Washington. If approved, it will be the next state record

It’s been a big year for big fish in the state of Washington and we may be able to add another record fish to the books. A potential state record tiger muskie was caught on Curlew Lake, Washington, one of the state’s best Tiger Muskie fisheries. Earlier this year a new Washington state record walleye was caught as well.  Continue Reading

How to Catch Early Season Muskies

How to Catch Early Season Muskies

How to Catch Spring Muskies

These tips on How to Catch Spring Muskies will give you a great day of fishing early in the year.

Musky fishing may not really heat up until mid-summer or the trophy season fishing of fall, but spring can be some of the easiest times to catch these giant fish. If you follow a few simple tips on how to catch early season muskies, you’ll be surprised at how many fish you can put in your net this spring. Continue Reading

Top 5 Hardest Fighting Freshwater Fish

Hardest Fighting Freshwater Fish

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass are one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish

I just got back from a little weekend getaway with some friends up in Door County, Wisconsin where we did a little drinking, some relaxing and of course, some fishing. I’ve been up to the bay of Green Bay several times at Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek, WI so I knew where to go, and it payed off. Continue Reading

Wisconsin Fisherman Catches Potential World Record Musky

Potential World Record Musky Caught & Released in Green Bay, WI

Back in May, a Wisconsin angler by the name of John Grover caught and released a fish that

World Record Musky

John Grover caught and released this potential world record musky in Green Bay, Wisconsin

potentially could have propelled him into the world record books. ON May 9, Grover was fishing for walleyes on the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin when he hooked onto something a little larger than what his 17 pound test fishing line usually handles. After an hour of fighting this massive fish, John hoisted a giant musky from the waters of the Fox. John landed the fish, measured it, took some pictures and then released it back into the water. Continue Reading