Mathews Halon Bow Review

Mathews Halon Bow Review

Mathews Halon Bow review

The all-new 2016 Mathews Halon is the newest bow in the Mathews lineup and is the hardest hitting flagship bow to date.

Mathews Inc. is known for their rugged, durable bows and I was really pumped to see that nothing has changed with the release of their 2016 model, the Mathews Halon. My first reaction checking out the new Halon was that it was a well-built piece of equipment and also, that it didn’t feature the “NO CAM” system that last year’s model, the NO CAM HTR bow did. While there may be cams on this bow, the new Halon is definitely a hunting tool worth checking out. See our thoughts below. Continue Reading

2016 Mathews Bow Lineup Released

2016 Mathews Bow Lineup

2016 Mathews Bow Released

The Mathews Halon is the all-new flagship bow released in the 2016 bow lineup.

While the rut in most of the country is winding down, the bow shopping season is heating up and there’s no better brand to check out right now than Mathews Inc. Today, Mathews released their 2016 archery lineup and they’ve got some big, big news. The 2016 Mathews bow lineup includes an all new flagship bow that is Mathew’s hardest hitting bow yet, the Mathews Halon. There is also an addition to the NO CAM lineup with the 2016 Mathews NO CAM HTX. Continue Reading

Mathews NO CAM HTR Review

Mathews NO CAM HTR Review

Mathews NO CAM HTR Review

The revolutionary Mathews NO CAM HTR is a bow with no cams and is one of the smoothest drawing bows ever shot.

Mathews released their newest addition to their lineup earlier this month and I was incredibly excited to try it out. The Mathews NO CAM HTR is part of the 2015 lineup of bows from Mathews Inc. and features their latest NO CAM ST Technology. This bow is one of the smoothest drawing, quietest bows that I’ve ever shot and it was very stable at the draw. See more the Mathews NO CAM HTR Review below. Continue Reading

2015 Mathews Lineup Released

Mathews NO CAM Bows Released

Mathews NO CAM HTR

The Mathews NO CAM HTR is the latest & most innovative technology from Mathews Inc. in a hunting bow.

You can always count on Mathews Inc. to be at the forefront of new technology that makes a better hunter. You can have all your gizmos and fancy gadgets on any bow or piece of equipment and I’ll take a simplified system that works and mitigates failure Every. Single. Time. The new Mathews NO CAM bow system is a giant step toward making the simplest, most accurate bow of all time and they believe that they’ve done it, besides a recurve.

2015 Mathews Bow Lineup

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Win a NEW 2014 Mathews Bow from MorningMoss

Win a NEW 2014 Mathews Bow from Morning Moss

free mathews bow

You can win a free Mathews Inc. bow from MorningMoss

MorningMoss has partnered up with one of the world’s largest and leading manufacturers of bows and archery equipment- Mathews Inc. This contest is your opportunity to win a state-of the art bow of your choice from one of the best hunting companies in the world. You can enter the contest here: Continue Reading

Mathews Creed XS Bow Review

Mathews Creed XS Bow Review

Mathews Creed XS Bow Review

The Mathews Creed XS proved to be a great bow that is suitable for any size hunter and combines technology and classic Mathews traits.

When the Mathews Creed XS bow was first released, many hunters thought that they were seeing a replay of the highly popular Creed model released the year before. Boy were they wrong. The new Mathews Creed XS is not only a pleasure to shoot, but is deadly accurate and an incredible hunting tool. When I look at a bow, I want to evaluate how well it will perform in the woods and this one does not disappoint. There are a lot of physical attributes to this including size, weight and shape and the Creed XS surpassed any and all expectations. Check out the specs in the Mathews Creed XS Bow ReviewContinue Reading

Mathews Inc. Releases Aspire Short Film

Mathews Inc. Aspire Bow Giveaway

Mathews Aspire Film

Mathews Inc. is giving away 3 brand new bows to 3 lucky winners as part of the release of their new film “Aspire”.

Mathews Inc. is one of the best archery manufacturers in the world and they got that way through hard work, determination and never taking an off-season. Hunters that consistently kill big game on public and private lands put in hard work all year long, not just during hunting season. Mathews Inc. released a short film showcasing hunters and what we “aspire” to do. Keep reading to see the short film “Apire” from Mathews Inc. and find out how you can win one of their three newest bows. Continue Reading

Mathews Camo Brand Truck Kit

Mathews Camo Brand Truck Kit

Camo Truck Wrap

Mathews Inc. offers a cool camouflage truck wrap in their patented Lost Camo and other accessories for your vehicle

If you are looking for something to make your truck stand out and you love hunting, then there is no need to look further than the Mathews camo wrap. Many  hunters drive trucks and Mathews Inc. offers some awesome accessories for many different truck models. Personally, I love showing off the brands that I use to  get the job done in the woods and I also want an original design in my vehicle, so I love the camouflage wraps from Mathews. I have been shooting a Mathews bow since I could pull one back and I want to keep their camo on my vehicle wherever I go. The Mathews Camo Brand Truck Kit makes covers most full size trucks and SUVs and will truly make your vehicle one of a kind. Continue Reading