Fishing Bago Round Two

Fishing Bago Round Two

By: Kyle Sorensen

There are two activities that I consider to be the most tranquil and fulfilling experiences I have each year while enjoying the outdoors.  One, of course, is being up north.  The other has sparked the topic for this article.  It goes without saying, I love fishing on the Winnebago System.  The Lake Winnebago System can be VERY challenging, yet it can be VERY rewarding.  Each year I am asked if there is a night bite on the system.  I’m here to tell you there is! Continue Reading

Ice fishing On Bago

The great challenges of Ice fishing on Lake Winnebago

By: Larry Smith

Growing up on Lake Winnebago, I have watched the ecosystem change over the years. When I was younger and used to fish on the lake with my dad, we didn’t even have an ice auger rather we used an ice spud, better known as the ice chisel that my Dad had fabricated at work. I remember that we were always out on Lake Winnebago by early December.  We always went out to my Dad’s favorite spot that he lined up by using landmarks, there was no such thing as GPS. Back then, the water was very stained. There were no gizzard shad in the system, and the main forage was trout perch, shiners, and yellow perch. Continue Reading

2014 Wisconsin Sturgeon Season a Big Success

2014 Wisconsin Sturgeon Season a Big Success

WI Sturgeon Season

Successful spearers show off their catch and weigh the sturgeon they pulled out of Lake Winnebago

Customers at a table at the Famous, “Wendts on the Lake,” located on Lake Winnebago near Fond du Lac, WI had a front-row seat to see the steady line of cars easing down the boat launch and onto Lake Winnebago.

Continue Reading

WI Sturgeon Season Kicks Off Saturday

Wisconsin Sturgeon Spearing Season Starts February 8, 2014

WI Sturgeon

The Lake Winnebago Sturgeon season kicks off on Saturday, February 8th

Clear water, thick ice and the anticipation of spearing an ancient fish await thousands of spear fishermen on Lake Winnebago in Oshhkosh, Fond du Lac and across the Fox Valley in Wisconsin this Saturday. Holes have been cut, game plans have been set and there are thousands of shanties out on the ice. Continue Reading