Icing Bay de Noc Gold

Icing Bay de Noc Gold

By: Larry Smith 

Ice is here!  As many of you know, I am an absolute ice fishing maniac.  As the temps plummet outside, my blood starts boiling with anticipation for what is arguably my favorite fishing season of all.  I’m usually one of the first guys out on the hard water; using a lifetime of experience to safely assess the ice conditions and get on fish that haven’t been bothered in a month or more.  Early ice is probably the most productive of the season, so I try to get out and start punching holes as soon as conditions safely permit.  Crappies, bluegills, perch, pike; you name it.  I love catching all of them on Wisconsin’s numerous fine ice fisheries.   I am, however, a walleye guy and there is one place just north of the Wisconsin border that is probably one of the finest trophy walleye ice fisheries around:  Bay de Noc. Continue Reading

Monster Lake Trout Caught Through Ice on Video

Near World Record Lake Trout Caught

This video that is about 2 weeks old has been getting a lot of attention across the web and for good reason. Continue Reading