Poygan Wisconsin Ice Fishing

Poygan Wisconsin Ice Fishing

By: Kyle Sorensen

Ahh yes… It’s that time of year again.  Finally!  Jack Frost shows himself more and more as I look outside to see his unique designs, carefully placed throughout my windows.  The boat seats are caked with frozen dew as I step into the boat for one of the last voyages of this open water season.  The boat’s days are numbered for this year; it’s bittersweet. Continue Reading

The Key to Panfish Success!

Feast or Famine

By: Larry Smith

When it comes to fishing, it’s usually the little things that you do that can make such a big difference. This is especially true when it comes to ice fishing. When fishing a body of water such as Lake Winnebago, most of the time you are fishing expansive mud flats. Continue Reading

Into the Deep for Winter Panfish

Into the Deep for Winter Panfish

By: David Duwe

Lake Map for Pleasant Lake in Walworth County, Wisconsin

For many years, my father and I were plagued with catching only 5 to 6 inch panfish while ice fishing in the shallow weed flats.   My how things have changed, with Vexilar and Marcum fish locators, 5-6 inch panfish are a thing of the past.  The ability to see underneath the ice opened up the deep water structure on many local lakes.  With fish locators, ice fishermen can now work the deep water locations where the larger panfish reside. Continue Reading



By: Kyle Sorensen

When the first layer of skim ice hits the local bays and ponds, I know it’s almost here.  The first hole I get to rip by hand lets me know I have been slacking off the last few months as the muscles in my arms begin to burn.  The burn is a good burn as I know I’m finally back out on the hard water. Continue Reading


First Ice

By: Kyle Sorensen

And so it begins.  The wait that just torments us ice heads – the thermometer is dropping and our anticipation is climbing.  The combos have been lubed up, line refreshed, and the best lures tied on… at least for this week.  My wife may or may not have caught me in the garage a couple times, just sitting in my ice shack… but I don’t blame her envy.  I look out my window, and I see the beautiful sight of the white flakes dancing across the lawn.  Everything needs to be ready.  You never know, we could get a foot of ice overnight; then it’s go time.  I look over at the calendar and the unfortunate reality kicks in – it’s only November. Continue Reading

Last Chance Ice Fishing in WI- User Submission

Last Chance Ice Fishing in WI- User Submission

Ice Fishing

The shorelines on this lake were gone but that didn’t stop one ice fisherman from catching a whole bunch of WI Crappies

One Wisconsin ice fisherman got out on the ice one last time this weekend before the entire lake looked like this shoreline. While the shore of the lake was melted off, there were some parts that you could access it and get out to the middle where the ice was still 6-8 inches thick. Continue Reading

Great Lakes are 78% frozen- Highest Since 1996

Three Quarters of the Great Lakes are Frozen

great lake ice

Three-quarters of the Great Lakes are covered by ice according to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

All of the cold weather and extreme polar vortexes around the country may have most people hunkering down indoors, but ice fisherman are thriving, especially in the Great Lakes. This year has produced exceptional ice on many lakes that fisherman may not normally have the chance to explore, including the Great Lakes. Three quarters (78.7%) of the Great Lakes are frozen this year, the highest percentage since 1996. Continue Reading

Fresh Fish & Eggs- Your New Ice Fishing Breakfast

Fresh Fish & Eggs- Your New Ice Fishing Breakfast

Fish & Eggs breakfast

Fish and eggs is a great way to start any day ice fishing and tastes amazing

While most of the time when we are having a long day out on the ice, we tend to reach for the bacon, sausage and eggs, do your heart a favor and mix it up a little bit this weekend. Fresh fish and eggs is a very common breakfast all across the world and is not only really good, but good for you. We all love bacon (who doesn’t?) but every once in a while it’s great to catch a fish and fillet it on the ice only to have it in your belly minutes later. Check out these ingredients and directions on how to make a tasty fresh fish and eggs breakfast for your next ice fishing outing. Continue Reading

Monster Lake Trout Caught Through Ice on Video

Near World Record Lake Trout Caught

This video that is about 2 weeks old has been getting a lot of attention across the web and for good reason. Continue Reading

Monster Potential Record Crappie Caught & Released

Potential Record Crappie Caught by Ice Fishermen

State Record Black Crappie

Andy Moore caught and released this potential Nebraska state record black crappie

On December 15, 2013 Andy Moore may have caught a fish that would have propelled him into the record books, but he decided to make a short video and let it go so that someone else could enjoy it. Continue Reading