Mondays are better with the Trail Mix (19 pics)

Weekly Morning Trail Mix

This week is the first week of our weekly Morning Trail Mix. We know that you’ve grown accustomed to seeing it every day, but we’re devoting more time to bringing you better hunting articles, cooler photos and better free gear contests. We know that you’re going to appreciate it and we will also be bringing in some more cool daily features. Be on the lookout for pictures of the day, incredible photo galleries and the best hunting and fishing articles on the Internet.


Grab yourself a nice handful of Trail Mix

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10 Funny Hunting Memes Just in Time for Deer Camp

10 Funny Hunting Memes

Deer camp is here or coming up quickly in your state so we wanted to arm you with these 10 funny hunting memes to put on your phone so that you can pass them around the table while playing cards, talking strategy or giving each other crap. Check out these 10 Funny Hunting Memes for your friends and family at deer camp and good luck putting down big bucks this gun hunting season!

10 funny hunting memes

These funny hunting memes will keep you and your friends entertained all season long.

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12 Ridiculous Camo Wedding Photos that Give Hunters a Bad Name

Bad Camo Wedding Photos

bad camo wedding photo

This family looks like they came right out of a barn… that bride is cute though huh?

I love hunting just as much as anyone, but you have to draw the line somewhere and these camo wedding photos have no line in sight. Having some outdoor themed decorations or camo is fine and can even be tasteful at your wedding, but these photographs are ANYTHING but. Check out these 12 ridiculous camo wedding photos that give hunters a bad name and make you ask your yourself, “WTF were they thinking?” Continue Reading

Deer Plays Dead, Scares Sh*t Out of Hunter- VIDEO

Deer Plays Dead, Scares Sh*t Out of Hunter- VIDEO

You’ve seen plenty of hunting shows where the hunter takes down an animal and then pokes it with a gun to make sure that it’s dead right? Well, most of the time, the animal never moves, but there’s always that chance that it could hop up. In this case it did and it makes for some pretty funny material. The hunter was definitely not expecting this deer to jump when poked. Fast forward to :59 seconds in to see where the action starts.  Continue Reading