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By: Patrick Kalmertondsc_0056-2

How many times have you heard the words “IF ONLY” or “A FEW MORE INCHES” come from the disgruntled sighs of a hunting companion? If only the buck would have… If only I would have… If only the wind wouldn’t have… The frustration continues, but there’s more to take away from these missed opportunities. Continue Reading

2014 Iowa Deer Classic- Des Moines Iowa

2014 Iowa Deer Classic

White BuckThe 2014 Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines, Iowa is inching closer by the day and you do not want to miss it this year. The show runs the weekend of February 28th until March 2 and features some of the biggest deer in the country. The show is being held in Des Moines, IA at the Iowa Events Center-Hy Vee- A, B, and C. You can get your tickets at the door or purchase them here.  Continue Reading

Buck Arrowed in Butt – User Submission

Buck Arrowed in Butt User Submission

Arrow in Buck

This little buck was captured walking around with an arrow sticking out of his ass

This little buck photo was sent in by a user that shows a smaller buck that was shot in the ass with an arrow. Continue Reading

Hunting Maps GPS Software

Hunting Maps GPS Software

Hunting Maps GPS

Hunting Maps GPS Software allows hunters the opportunity to find more public lands

To show just how much technology has changed the hunting industry and the sport itself, one would have to look no further than a GPS device. Not only has this device enabled us to go further than we would have before, but we can mark sign, fishing hotspots and more. Continue Reading

Early Season Bow Hunt Success: Find Water

Early Season Bow Hunting Tips

Early Bow Hunt

The Key to Early Season Bow Hunting Success Is to Find Water

Bow seasons are upon us and all across the United States and Canada hunters are out in tree stands, in box blinds and stalking through rough terrain to kill big bucks. Continue Reading

Ameristep Ladder Stand Review: Team Realtree Edition

Ameristep Ladder Stand Review

ladder tree stand

Ameristep Ladder Stands are the perfect tree stands for your deer hunt

When it comes time for hunting season, I am one of those guys that needs a tree stand in every spot. Continue Reading

Tips to Prepare for Bow Season

Deer Bow Season Preparations

bow hunt deer

Follow these tips to prepare for deer archery season

Archery season is upon us and like many of you, I’m just itching at the chance to get out and sit in a tree instead of the office that has consumed me for the past 9 months. Continue Reading