2015 Wisconsin Bear Hunt Success

2015 Wisconsin Bear Hunt Success

Wisconsin Bear Hunt

PJ Cashman shot this 310 pound boar on his first ever Wisconsin bear hunt in Washburn, WI in Bayfield, County.

Last week I was lucky enough to go on a hunt that I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time, my first Wisconsin bear hunt. Wisconsin is a tough state to bear hunt due to the wait that you must have to draw a tag. I applied for points for 7 years before finally being able to draw my tag in Zone D and was extremely excited to hunt an animal that I’ve rarely ever seen.  Continue Reading

Heaviest Black Bear Ever Killed

How Big is the Biggest Black Bear Ever?

biggest black bear ever

The heaviest black bear ever killed was shot in Arizona over 100 years ago

Next week I will be going black bear hunting for the first time in Wisconsin. I have never killed a black bear and am slightly concerned about how well I will do judging the size of these bears. I’ve been going over many internet photos of bears, trying to find things that I can use to judge, which led me to this question, “How big is the biggest black bear ever killed?.” Continue Reading

3 Great Bear Hunting Tips

3 Great Bear Hunting Tips

3 Great Bear Hunting Tips

These 3 Great Bear Hunting Tips will help you find and kill more big black bears this fall.

I’ve still got a lot to learn about bear hunting before the fall hunt that I’ll be going on in September, but I’m working on trying to pick up as much knowledge as I can before then. That being said, there are a few tips that I’ve come across from countless bear experts, hunting forums and other hunting publications. Check out these 3 great bear hunting tips to learn more. Continue Reading

Bow Hunter Kills Massive Alaskan Kodiak Bear with Predator Call- VIDEO

Giant Kodiak Brown Bear Shot with a Bow VIDEO

Killing a big Alaskan brown bear is the hunt of a lifetime and Kodiak brown bears from Kodiak island in Alaska are the biggest there are. These massive brown bears, or grizzly bears here in the lower 48, are some of the biggest bears on the planet. These bears can be mean, aggressive and are very dangerous to hunt. Shooting them with a gun can be a daunting task, but with a bow is extremely challenging. Watch a Juan Garcia from Chicago, IL and his master guide, Sam Fejes manage to lure this big bear into range with a predator call and put an arrow into it at 12 yards.  Continue Reading

780 Pound WI Black Bear Killed

780 Pound WI Black Bear Killed

780 Pound WI Black Bear Killed

Dennis Arndt managed to kill the Bear “Sampson” that has eluded hunters for years in Waupaca county. The Bear weighed in at 780 pounds

Massive Wisconsin Black Bear Killed

Wisconsin black bears don’t typically top the 700 pound range, but this big black bear shot in Waupaca county this weekend is a different story. The 780 pound bear shot by Dennis Arndt near Ogdensburg is absolutely massive and the lucky hunter is still shocked that he was able to put it down. Continue Reading

Opening Day Wisconsin Black Bear Bow Kill- User Submission

Opening Day Wisconsin Black Bear Bow Kill

WI Black Bear Kill

Zac Dombrowski shot this 200 pound sow in Northern Wisconsin on the opening day of bear season- September 3, 2014

Zac Dombrowski had been waiting a long time for this and when he got his chance, he didn’t waste it. Zac shot this 200 pound sow in Northern Wisconsin North of Rice Lake on Opening Day of bear season. The bear wandered in on September 3 to Zac’s bait pile that he’d been baiting with donuts and other sugary treats. Zac’s arrow flew and the rest is history. Click through for more story and pictures. Continue Reading

Black Bear Climbs Tree of Bowhunter Video

Black Bear Climbs Tree of Bowhunter Video

What would you do if you were bowhunting and all of a sudden a large black bear decided to come investigate you? I’m sure this is not an “uncommon” thing that happens in the hunting areas of bears, but it’s probably not too often captured on video. Most people probably wouldn’t have managed to stay as calm as this hunter did.  Continue Reading

Oldest Black Bear in the World Dies at 39

Worlds Oldest Black Bear Dies

Oldest Black Bear

World’s Oldest Black Bear Dies at age 39

The oldest black bear in the world known to man was found dead in August 2013 in Northern Minnesota. Continue Reading