Fish Lily Pads For Bass

Fishing Emerging Lily Pads for Bass

By:  Glenn Walker

For many anglers once the calendar hits May, one thing is on their mind when they are in search of catching bass and that is vegetation, specifically the new lily pads that grow in many lakes and rivers.

There are several reasons that lily pads play such a key role in bass habitat, the first is that they provide bass with cover, both from the sunlight shining into the water, and also it provides them with an ambush point to feed, which leads into my second point.  Continue Reading

Huge 17 Pound Bass Caught in San Diego

Huge 17 Pound Bass Caught in San Diego

Huge Bass

Justin Hanold caught this 17 pound largemouth bass on the Mirarmar Reservoir in San Diego, California

Sometimes things happen when we least expect it and angler Justin Hanold found this out when he reeled in one enormous largemouth bass this week. Justin noticed some huge bass swimming near a dock the week before and drifted his boat near there when his cell phone rang. He tried to answer it, but missed the call so he called the person back, then texted. When he went to pull up his bait, the bait jerked back and after an intense fight, he hauled in San Diego’s largest bass of the year, a 17 pound largemouth.  Continue Reading

When Bass Lures Fail Go Back to the Rubber Worm

Rubber Worms for Largemouth Bass

Huge Bass

Catch More Largemouth Bass with Rubber Worms and Jigs

Bass fishing is a finesse sport, but even the best can go through rough patches. When you’re on the lake and it’s been one of those days where all of your go-to lures aren’t working, try the classic rubber worm. Continue Reading

Top 5 Hardest Fighting Freshwater Fish

Hardest Fighting Freshwater Fish

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass are one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish

I just got back from a little weekend getaway with some friends up in Door County, Wisconsin where we did a little drinking, some relaxing and of course, some fishing. I’ve been up to the bay of Green Bay several times at Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek, WI so I knew where to go, and it payed off. Continue Reading

Topwater Poppers Catch Summer Bass

Catch Big Summer Bass with Topwater Baits

Big Wisconsin Bass

Catch big summer bass with topwater poppers this summer

If there is a more exciting and fun way to catch summer bass than with topwater baits such as a popper or frog, than I don’t know what it is. Continue Reading