Playing The Game


By: Patrick Kalmertondsc_0056-2

How many times have you heard the words “IF ONLY” or “A FEW MORE INCHES” come from the disgruntled sighs of a hunting companion? If only the buck would have… If only I would have… If only the wind wouldn’t have… The frustration continues, but there’s more to take away from these missed opportunities. Continue Reading

A Bowhunting Tradition

Bowhunting Memories

Passing it On

By: Todd Larsonscreenshot_20161005-191806

Holding a bow in my hand has always felt right. Natural. Maybe it’s something that was passed down in my DNA or maybe it was something as simple as my father putting a bow in my hand and walking with me in the woods behind the family cabin looking for deer. Or maybe after all of that, it was the time we spent together sharing a common interest called hunting. I also think that maybe as time went on and the men got older, it wasn’t so much about the harvest but the stories told and the memories made.  In my case, that’s how it all started. Continue Reading

A Day Of Shooting Foam

The Rinehart R100


Shooters at the Rinehart R-100

Have you ever wanted to shoot in one of the greatest archery events? Well here’s your chance! The Rinehart R100 is a nationwide archery shoot that consists of either a one day or two day course. You shoot upwards of 50 to 100 life size targets, all ranging different distances with different animals. Continue Reading

2015 Mathews Lineup Released

Mathews NO CAM Bows Released

Mathews NO CAM HTR

The Mathews NO CAM HTR is the latest & most innovative technology from Mathews Inc. in a hunting bow.

You can always count on Mathews Inc. to be at the forefront of new technology that makes a better hunter. You can have all your gizmos and fancy gadgets on any bow or piece of equipment and I’ll take a simplified system that works and mitigates failure Every. Single. Time. The new Mathews NO CAM bow system is a giant step toward making the simplest, most accurate bow of all time and they believe that they’ve done it, besides a recurve.

2015 Mathews Bow Lineup

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