High Country Elk

High Country Elk

For Your Next Out of State Adventure!

“Hang on a second and let me do a cow call before we clear the trees,” I suggested as the four of us neared the large park we agreed to check before we broke off into pairs for the days hunt.  The call had no sooner than left the tube when the first bull sounded off less than 200 yards away!  Continue Reading

Gear & Tackle to Kick Start the Ice Season 

Gear & Tackle to Kick Start the Ice Season 

Ice fishing is in full swing here in Wisconsin! I have been able to get out a handful of times, much earlier than the past few years due to cool weather conditions. Each outing has been with my boyfriend, Kurt, and our friends/family. We have had some excellent days with dozens of slab crappie, handful of jumbo perch, and many eater eyes. On the other hand, we have had a few days where the fish were extremely finicky and the success rate was extremely low. Either way, it is always enjoyable to get out on the ice!

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199ride’s Guide to Prep Your Truck for Towing During Summer in Wisconsin

Guide to Prep Your Truck for Towing During Summer in Wisconsin

Summer Truck Prep

Prepping your truck for summer is important for all your recreational activities.

Anytime you hook up your trailer, boat, or camper to your truck, the possibilities for Wisconsin summertime fun and adventures quickly multiply. However, it’s always important to properly prep your truck before you hit the road. Continue Reading

Add this Camo Gaming Table to your Hunting Basement or Mancave!

Realtree Camouflage Collection Foosball Table by Carrom

Realtree Camo Foosball Table

This Realtree camouflage edition foosball table can be the best gift for a hunter or outdoorsman this holiday season.

Hunters, sports enthusiasts and fishing fanatics all dream of a place to hang their mounts, watch sports, drink beer and have their space. Many call this a man cave, but there are plenty of women who want this too. Having a pool table or foosball table is a great way to hang out with your buddies and add some flavor to your basement, but for the ultimate one, you need a camouflage one! Continue Reading

The Enlightened Outdoorsman: Fishing Techniques for Any Water Body

Fishing Techniques for Any Water Body

Here in the Midwest and across most of the country, you’re bound to find plenty of fishing enthusiasts who are obsessed with catching the largest fish they can. Joshua Jorgensen is no different. Josh grew up in Windsor Ontario fishing the Great Lakes and has since moved on to fishing some of the biggest fish on the planet. In the video below Josh shows off some of those Great Lake fishing skills he’s perfected and puts a new spin on them for fishing and in the ocean and on streams. Continue Reading

Extreme Backyard Series: WakeSkate

Extreme Backyard Series: WakeSkate

Outdoor enthusiasts come from all walks of life, but the one thing in common that we all have is that we need to be outside. We previously showed you a part of an Extreme Backyard series where an Olympic skeet shooter built a skeet shooting range in his backyard to practice and today we want to continue showing you more crazy backyards with this one from Florida. Reed Hansen is a world champion wake skater and he needed a better place to practice, so he built one right in his backyard. Continue Reading

Extreme Backyard: Skeet Range Right Outside your Door

Olympic Skeet Range in the Backyard

A lot of hunters love to skeet shoot and trap shoot. It’s a good time to have with your friends, helps you practice for ducks and other waterfowl and is a competitive sport. Many of us just set up a pull system or throw clay pidgins ourselves in our backyards, but Olympic skeet shooter Allen Treadwell of Seligman, Missouri took it one step further. Continue Reading