VIDEO: Longboarder gets smacked by deer while riding in the Ozarks

This is why you need to always wear safety equipment… (especially when you’re moving head-first on pavement at 40mph).



Longboarder Jared Henry was apparently on his first run of the early evening, when out of the woods hopped a couple of small deer… one of which smacked him dead-on.  This proves 2 things:

  1. Always wear all your safety gear.
  2. Deer are so dumb.

Source: unofficialnetworks

Eric Giroux

I grew up with a small 2-acre pond in my parents' backyard. I fish by tying fishing line, hook, and bait to an empty water bottle and tossing it out on the water. I then sit on the dock and drink beer and wait for the bottle to get dragged around by some catfish, and proceed to chase it around in the paddle boat.