Fall Layering Made Easy from Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research Sherman Jacket Review

Outdoor Research Sherman Jacket

The Outdoor Research Sherman Jacket takes the best part of fall, flannel and cold weather and gives you the perfect jacket for our favorite season.

There are very few items of clothing that scream FALL as much as a plaid, flannel shirt, other than maybe a pumpkin spice latte? Flannel shirts and autumn weather go together like big deer and bowhunters, but sometimes a flannel shirt just isn’t enough to brave the cool mornings and nights of fall, which is where the newest fad, the shirt jacket comes in. Outdoor Research has done it right with their all new Sherman Jacket for 2015. The Sherman Jacket takes the best of a shirt and combines it with the warmth of a jacket for one of the most essential pieces of fall clothing that you’ll ever need.  Continue Reading

The Best Whitetail Bow Hunting Jacket Ever

Sitka Fanatic Jacket Review

Sitka Fanatic Jacket Review

We believe that the Sitka Fanatic Jacket is the best bow hunting jacket. It’s fitted feel, heat trapping features and innovative design will keep you warm and dry.

It’s taken decades, certainly man years longer than it should have, but now we hunters finally have it. The perfect bow hunting jacket for whitetails is here and it comes with features that make your hunt much easier and more comfortable. Sitka has long been setting the standard for high-quality back country and mountain hunting clothing and they are now bringing their innovation and quality garments to deer hunters. We have the Sitka Fanatic jacket for bow hunting this fall and it’s going to be a piece of equipment in my hunting closet for a long time. Continue Reading

Stay Warm in any Temp with this Heated Hoodie from Ravean

Ravean Heated Hoodie Review

Heated Hoodie

A heated hoodie is a great accessory for keeping your core warm when the temperature drops.

Fall and winter can bring on some unpredictable temperatures. In Wisconsin, it’s a regular occurrence to walk to work in the morning with a winter jacket and be in a t-shirt by 3 p.m. For days like this, it’d be great to have a sweatshirt or light jacket that can handle extreme cold and be comfortable for mild temperatures. The Ravean heated hoodie and jackets work wonders for weather like this.  Continue Reading

Fish Frigid, Wet, Waters with the Refrigiwear Softshell

Refrigiwear Softshell Jacket Review

Refrigiwear Softshell Jacket Review

The Refrigiwear Softshell Jacket is a great addition to your cold, wet weather fishing gear. It’ll keep you warm, dry and free to move on the water.

Fall and winter fishing can be insanely fun, but it can also be very cold. That is, unless you have the right gear. Refrigiwear is a brand that’s been catering to the commercial cold weather gear space for years, but their jackets are great for fishing too. A waterproof, wind-proof, and stylish jacket on the water can be yours, especially with the Refrigiwear Softshell Jacket. Continue Reading

Keep Your Feet Dry & Happy When Active with Showers Pass Torch Socks

Showers Pass Torch Socks Review

Showers Pass Torch Socks Review

Showers Pass Torch Socks are the perfect summer hiking and biking sock to get you ready for fall.

As I’m sure you all know from previous experience, we love good socks here at MorningMoss. It’s something we use every day and hunters and hikers need comfortable footwear to stay warm and ensure that we can be outside longer. In the spring and summer though, we need socks that keep our feet dry and help others see us when we’re hiking, or just running outside. That’s where the Showers Pass Torch Socks review comes in. Continue Reading

Merino is the Only Long Underwear Worth Wearing

Watson’s Merino 150 Long Underwear Review

Watsons merino 150 thermal underwear

Watson’s merino 150 thermal underwear is made out of 100% merino wool and is the most comfortable material to put against your body.

I’ve been wearing the same long underwear for about 12 years and never realized how uncomfortable and not so warm it was, until I tried the Watson’s Merino 150 long underwear. Soft, warm and non-itchy, these 100% merino wool long johns are incredible.  Continue Reading

The Syncline from Prana is the Rain Jacket for any Outdoor Enthusiast

Prana Syncline Jacket Review

Prana Syncline Jacket Review

Prana’s lineup of outdoor clothing including the Syncline jacket are stylish and built to handle the outdoors.

If you spend enough time outside, it’s going to rain and you’re going to get wet, unless you have a great rain coat. Great raincoats for active outdoor people need to be 100% waterproof, not rip easily, lightweight with some warmth and of course, look cool. The Prana Syncline jacket has all your bases covered. Continue Reading

Tinlid Hat Co Thrive Hat Review

Tinlid Hat Co Thrive Hat

Tinlid Hat Co Thrive Hat Review

If you purchase the Thrive hat from Tinlid Hat Co. they will plant a tree in a National Forest.

Wearing a cool hat is great, but when you can give back to the environment by doing so, that makes it even better. Tinlid Hat Co. makes cool hats that not only look good, but each style supports a different non-profit group that helps improve our communities. The Thrive Hat from Tinlid Hat Co. helps support our National Forests, so we were pumped when we got the chance to check one out. Continue Reading

Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket Review

Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket Review

OR Helium II Jacket

Lightweight, 100% waterproof and the best quality out there, the Helium II Jacket from OR is a great buy.

Backpackers and hikers need a minimalist shell that is lightweight, packable and easy to carry in case of a flash storm. Luckily for us, Outdoor Research has made one that fits all of these criteria and adds in style with the Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket. Not only does the jacket weigh almost nothing (6.4 ounces) but it looks cool and is 100% waterproof. Read the full Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket Review below.  Continue Reading

FITS Socks Review

FITS Socks Review

FITS Socks Review

FITS socks are awesome wool socks for hiking, hunting and fishing.

Wool socks are a staple in my wardrobe. I’ve got quite the collection. Some for hunting, some for fishing and a lot for everyday wear. None of them are as comfortable or as nice as the FITS brand. FITS socks are incredible. They are cushioned, soft and are made with the finest merino wool from New Zealand. Check out the full FITS socks review and their website here.

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