Blackfish Rain Gear Product Release

New Product Line Release

New Blackfish® Rain Gear Line Launched

Rogers, Minn. (March 1, 2018) –  Outdoor enthusiasts, especially anglers, are starved for a quality rain suit that is waterproof but also has the breathability to keep them dry from the inside. Two new rain suits from Blackfish Gear promise to do just that. Using a cutting-edge breathable membrane, these suits utilize technology that lets heat and body vapors escape while providing 100% waterproof protection from rain.  Continue Reading

Blaze Pink Hunters

Blaze Pink Clothing Bill Introduced in WI

blaze pink hunting clothes

Wisconsin state lawmakers have introduced a bill that would allow hunters to wear blaze pink instead of the traditional blaze orange soothing. Photo by Andrew Hahn of the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

There could be a new color in the woods this deer hunting season and it may look more like a teenage girls’ closet than the traditional blaze orange that you’re used to seeing. Wisconsin lawmakers have introduced a bill that would allow “blaze pink” to be a legal color for gun hunters to wear if accepted. Continue Reading

Shorts for the Mountains or Everyday Life

Prana Bronson Short Review

Prana Bronson Shorts review

The Prana Bronson shorts give you the best of both worlds when it comes to off the path durability and traditional style.

When you get up in the morning, do you have thoughts about what you’re going to wear? Do you sometimes sit and say, man, if I put on these nice, stylish shorts and polo, what if i run into a situation where I need to get dirty? Or what if you need shorts that allow you to move and climb a mountain, or run a triathlon, yet still look good for going out for a beer? With the Prana Bronson short, there is no more need to worry because they have built these shorts to satisfy every situation. Read on for the best all-purpose shorts in our Prana Bronson Short reviewContinue Reading

Stay Dry on Stand with the Nomad Integrator Shell Jacket

Nomad Integrator Shell Jacket Review

Nomad Integrator Review

The Nomad Integrator shell jacket is a 100% waterproof shell that will keep you warm, dry and out in the field. This one shown is the Kryptek Banshee camo pattern.

You can’t kill big bucks or elk when you’re on the couch, so don’t let rain or weather keep you from getting into the field. The best way to do this is to have great rain gear and the Nomad Integrator Shell Jacket is a piece of rain gear that will keep you dry and out in the field. This 100% waterproof shell will keep you on the stand and in the field from the early to late seasons so that you won’t miss your shot on your next trophy. Continue Reading

Brave the Cold in Your Treestand with these Deer Hunting Bibs

Sitka Fanatic Bibs Review

Sitka Fanatic Bib Review

The Sitka Fanatic Bibs are built for deer hunters. They trap in body heat and have berber cloth so they’re quiet.

I’ve done a lot of hunting and spent a lot of time outside throughout my life and I’ve come to realize a few things, the most important being that if you’re wet and cold, you’re not going to have a good time. Having tried hundreds of products looking for the best gear that isn’t bulky, isn’t too heavy and keeps me warm and dry, I’m really lucky to have found Sitka and their whitetail gear. The Sitka Fanatic bibs are easily the best bibs for whitetail hunting that I have ever tried and the deer will never see you in a tree. Continue Reading

Versatility is Yours in the Back Country or Downtown with this Hat

Outdoor Research Yukon Cap Review

OR Yukon Cap Review

With a warm fleece insulation and a wool/polyester blend, the Yukon cap from Outdoor Research is ready for any type of cold, miserable weather.

With a back country style that you can still get away with wearing on a city block, the Outdoor Research Yukon cap has something for everyone. Not only is it warm and built out of the very versatile wool and polyester blend, but it looks great in nearly any situation. Hunting, hiking, shopping or cutting wood calls for a warm, stylish hat and the Yukon Cap from Outdoor Research is the one to go with.  Continue Reading