Fatheadz for Fat Heads

Fatheadz Black Nitro Sunglasses Review

fatheadz nitro review

Fatheadz sunglasses are some of the best sunglasses for people that need a little extra space in their frames.

Fisherman are known for their “fishing stories” or “fish tales”, if you will. In the vast majority of these stories the size of the fish tends to be.. let’s say… exaggerated. As an avid fisherman, I, of course, have perhaps bloated the size of the fish I’ve caught. One thing that I thought I could almost NEVER exaggerate, though, is the size of my head. It is large. Very large. Continue Reading

The Best Name in Fillet Knives is now Tackling Big Game

Rapala Classic Birch Skinning Knife Review

Rapala Skinning Knife

The Rapala Classic Birch Collection of premium hunting knives includes this impressive 4.5 inch skinning knife.

Getting a big animal on the ground is only the beginning for most big game hunters, then, the real work starts. The last thing you want to have happen when you’re miles back in mountain country is a skinning knife that isn’t sharp and we’ve got one of the best reputations in knife-making here to help you out. Continue Reading

SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses Review

SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses Review

SPY ROVER Sunglasses

SPY Optics continues to produce awesome frame and lens combinations for outdoor enthusiasts like the Rover sunglasses.

SPY Optics is no slouch when it comes to making heavy duty glasses that can withstand abuse in the outdoors. With the new “Happy Lens” Technology that improves the mood of the person wearing the glasses, the new SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses are durable, stylish and protective. We wanted to test out how well the lenses of the SPY Rovers helped us see (especially in water) and how well they protected our eyes.  Continue Reading

Spy Tele Sunglass Review

Spy Tele Sunglass Review

Spy Optics Tele Review

The SPY Optics Tele is designed based off of the Telecaster guitar and features the Happy Lens.

Sunny days are back and that means more time out on the water. In addition to a fishing pole, sunglasses should be at the top of your priority list of needs and SPY Optics has everyone covered. The latest pair of sunglasses from SPY is the first pair of signature glasses from Ray Barbee, a longtime Crosstown Collection ambassador. These sunglasses are stylish, functional and will keep your eyes protected from harmful rays this summer. Continue Reading

Beat the Elements with the Ward Sunglasses from Native Eyewear

Native Eyewear Ward Polarized Sunglasses Review

Native Eyewear Ward sunglasses review

The Ward sunglasses from Native Eyewear will keep your eyes covered and safe from any element.

Adventurous lifestyles call for gear that can handle everything you throw at it and then some. For those who want to push limits, there are products like the Ward Sunglasses from Native Eyewear. Named after the classic Colorado climb, the Ward polarized sunglasses feature some of the toughest parts and clearest lenses that you can get in polarized eye wear. Conquer the elements and look good while doing it with these sunglasses from Native Eyewear.  Continue Reading

Breakline Polarized Regulator Sunglasses Review

Breakline Polarized Regulator Sunglasses Review

Breakline Regulator Sunglasses Review

The Regulator from Breakline Polarized Sunglasses fits all the needs of a sport fishermen or an active beach goer.

Sunglasses are a vital tool for fishermen (and women) and there are a lot of awesome options out there. For me though, I want something that not only works well on the water, but looks good enough to wear all the time. That’s where the Breakline Polarized Regulator Sunglasses come in.  Continue Reading

The Fish Don’t Stand a Chance with these Polarized Sunglasses

Breakline Romar Polarized Sunglasses Review

Breakline polarized romar sunglasses

Breakline Polarized Sunglasses are some of the most comfortable and clearest glasses you can have for fishing.

People who like to fish need to spend time on the water, and to spend time on the water you need to protect your eyes. That’s where a good pair of polarized sunglasses comes in. There are tons out there, in all sorts of different price ranges and styles, but these new glasses from Breakline Sunglasses are definitely worth putting on your face. Continue Reading

Zoinx Sunglasses Stay on your Head and Out of the Water

Zoinx Polarized Sunglasses Review

zoinx sunglasses review

Zoinx polarized sunglasses won’t fly off of your head and will allow you to better see the fish in the water.

Boating season may seem far away with the recent snow in the Midwest, but it’s never too early to start looking for your next pair of shades. Finding a great pair of polarized sunglasses is a challenge, and losing them can be really annoying but we’ve found a pair that you’re not going to be able to lose. Zoinx polarized sunglasses come with a unique strap so that even if your glasses come off in the water, the glasses float up to the top.  Continue Reading