“The Dragon Fly” A Unique Fly Fishing Fly

“The Dragon Fly” A Unique Fly Fishing Fly

Dragon Fly fly tie

Learn how to tie and where to buy a dragon fly fly fishing tie with this article from Travis Schuh.

I first developed this fly last winter. The idea came to me after watching numerous dragon flies landing in the water during the bluegill spawn. Fish seem aggressively drawn to the dragon fly, so I figured that creating a replica would be an easy way to fill my livewell. The components of this fly are actually quite simple, and with some patience and careful knots, you can achieve a near-perfect match to the real bug. Continue Reading

September Beauty: Taking Advantage of Wisconsin’s Closing Trout Fishing Weekend

Taking Advantage of Wisconsin’s Closing Trout Fishing Weekend

Autumn Trout Stream

There is nothing more beautiful than an autumn trout stream in Wisconsin on closing weekend.

An angler never has to make an excuse to head out to the pristine waters of the trout stream, but if needed, the majestic colors and the feel of the fresh fall breeze would certainly suffice. I had the pleasure of doing just that during this past weekend. As I walked through the woods, in utter awe of the burning ruby leaves around me, I couldn’t help but remember why I am always drawn to the stream during Wisconsin’s closing weekend. Continue Reading

The Monster in the Pipes: a Look into What is Happening below Your Feet

High Capacity Wells in Wisconsin

High Capacity Wells Wisconsin

High capacity wells in Wisconsin could drastically affect water levels in your favorite streams and lakes

High Capacity Wells’ Effects on Water Levels

Most people probably do not realize the sheer volume of water that high capacity wells draw from the water table. The Wisconsin Administrative Code defines a high capacity well system as “one or more wells, drillholes or mineshafts on a property that have a combined approved pump capacity of 70 or more gallons per minute” (High Capacity Well Information). This is an astounding number. Many of these high capacity wells draw over one million gallons of water every year. This high volume of water must be replaced in order to keep a balance in the water levels of aquifers. Continue Reading

Wacky Worm for Big Bass

Yum Baits Worm

Yum Bait Yum Worm

The 4-inch dinger from Yum Baits is a great way to catch big bass under docks and in heavy cover

We have all had those frustrating trips to the lake when it seems like nothing is going your way. When targeting largemouth bass, my favorite technique used to be top-water, especially a Jitterbug or Buzzbait. The main problem with this strategy was that I seemed to only catch smaller bass, usually in the 12 inch range. The night trips were filled with lots of excitement, but I had no trophies to show for all of my work. Continue Reading

A Morning Chasing Brookies

Reflections on a Morning Spent Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing

Travis Schuh shares his reflections of a morning that he spent trout fishing in Wisconsin

The alarm goes off before the sun comes up. My body jitters with excitement, yet my hangover screams at me to go back to sleep. I can’t sleep now…the stream is calling. I climb down the bunk and make my way to the car. Within minutes, I am parked on the side of a back country road. I avoid the bridges…they are always overfished. It’s funny, from where I am parked, you couldn’t even tell that the stream exists. I venture my way through the thick bogs and sticks. I am motivated by my passion for finding that legendary fish that is sitting in a hole yet to be found this year. I fall a few times, but I eventually make my way to the water and get in. The sun is just coming up now, and fog hangs over the water like the smoke from the campfire that I was at last night. The only sounds I hear are the doves and the water that I am stirring up. I round the corner and spot the first hole. Patiently, I string the leaf worm onto my tiny, size-12 hook. I breathe in…and I cast. Continue Reading