Ingrid’s First Sturgeon

Ingrid’s First Sturgeon Spearing Experience

By: Chris Garrison

I wanted my wife, Ingrid, to experience sturgeon spearing and see what it was all about.  I told her the best way to do that the first time was to get an upriver sturgeon tag.  She had never been sturgeon spearing before this year.  She had never even been in a shack before. To be honest, I don’t think she had ever been ice fishing before.   We started applying for an upriver tag for her about 6 years ago.  We finally got the notice late last summer that she had been drawn for an upriver sturgeon tag.  I was extremely excited…she was not. Continue Reading

Gigantic North Dakota Mule Deer Buck Shot- User Submission

North Dakota Mule Deer Buck of a Lifetime

Cole Fenzel Buck

Cole Fenzel shot this enormous mule deer buck during the North Dakota mule deer hunt with his bow. The buck had a non typical score of 206 6/8 and the net was 196 3/8.

Cole Frenzel is a fan of MorningMoss and a North Dakota bow hunter. This past season he had the experience of a lifetime when he shot an absolute gigantic mule deer buck. Read the story below as told by Cole about his 206 6/8 inch buck that netted a typical score of 196 3/8 inches.  Continue Reading

Icing Bay de Noc Gold

Icing Bay de Noc Gold

By: Larry Smith 

Ice is here!  As many of you know, I am an absolute ice fishing maniac.  As the temps plummet outside, my blood starts boiling with anticipation for what is arguably my favorite fishing season of all.  I’m usually one of the first guys out on the hard water; using a lifetime of experience to safely assess the ice conditions and get on fish that haven’t been bothered in a month or more.  Early ice is probably the most productive of the season, so I try to get out and start punching holes as soon as conditions safely permit.  Crappies, bluegills, perch, pike; you name it.  I love catching all of them on Wisconsin’s numerous fine ice fisheries.   I am, however, a walleye guy and there is one place just north of the Wisconsin border that is probably one of the finest trophy walleye ice fisheries around:  Bay de Noc. Continue Reading

Roberts Defense Guns

Roberts Defense

Roberts Defense 1911 Badger Sportsman Magazine recently became aware of a local handgun manufacturer literally right down the street from our office, and with our magazine being all about promoting Wisconsin, its products, and the outdoors, an article on this local business fit right in.  In May, 2016, Marvel Enterprises, Inc., the parent company of the 110-year-old machine tool manufacturer, Marvel Manufacturing, acquired Roberts Defense, a leading producer of premium 1911 pistols. Continue Reading

Trolling in January?

Lake Michigan Trolling…In January?!?

By: Chris Carns

Badger Sportsman and A1 Big Fish Charters have been working on getting together for an outing on Lake Michigan for the past couple years, but the dates just never worked out.  Finally, we were able to get a date that worked for both sides. The “catch” of the original arrangement was that we would be trolling on Lake Michigan during January or February. And on top of that would likely need to be, “breaking ice to get the boat launched.”  As we talked, to me, it seemed a little farfetched.  I mean we are based in Oshkosh and typically it is well below zero during those months and, on top of that, EVERYTHING is frozen!!  I realize Lake Michigan doesn’t freeze, but still… Continue Reading