Public Land Trophies

Public Land Offers Ample Opportunity For Trophy Deer

By: Pat Kalmertondsc_0027-3

The phrase “there is nowhere to hunt” is nonsense – yet it rings out all over the United States from hunters of all ages and genders. Investing time to research and discover public areas to pursue hunting adventures yields pleasant surprises! There are acres of opportunities that lie behind open gates. Continue Reading

Fall Musky Anyone?


By: Kyle Sorensenfall-ski

Eye lashes glimmering with ice, fingers have lost all feeling, gusts of wind with a vengeance just hammering at any and all exposed skin; it’s a signature scenario in any true diehard’s quest for fall Esox.  I have lived this scenario many times.  Each time my body says “enough is enough” but my heart tells me “keep on going.”  All that comes crashing down when the splash, the wave, the rod thumping sign of Bertha enters my surroundings.  For that moment, the world stands still.  Environmental factors are forgotten and I am one with the moment. Continue Reading

Late Season Divers

Wisconsin In Black And White

The Thrill of Late-Season Divers1108121310a

By: Brian Lovett

A cool northwest wind blows dead leaves from the trees, sending them skittering down the street. Change is in the air, and one glance through binoculars confirms it. Slicks of black-and-white dots cover the lake. It’s diver time. Continue Reading

A Big Game Pack for Everything you Need

Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 Big Game Pack Review

Slumberjack bounty 2.0 review

The Slumberjack bounty 2.0 big game pack has over 4,932 cubic inches to carry your meat back in no time.

A backcountry hunt for elk, deer, bear, moose or other big game requires some essential gear and the capacity to haul it back safely. There are tons of options out there available for packing out big game and lots of great choices, but the Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 should be at the top of the list. The Bounty 2.0 is a 4932 cubic inch pack that can carry over 100 pounds of fresh meat and even comes with a detachable field pack for quick trips out of camp. For a pack with everything you’ll ever need, check out the Slumberjack Bounty 2.0Continue Reading

Deer Camp



By: Lee Haasch

There is always a certain level of heightened anticipation when that Thursday morning rolls around, the Thursday morning before the Wisconsin gun deer season.  I’ve spent the last several days putting all my hunting gear together (of course, most of it last night). The past three days were spent shopping for the food for all the guys at deer camp.  And, last Sunday, I walked out to my range and shot my rifles with my wife.  Continue Reading