The Best Name in Fillet Knives is now Tackling Big Game

Rapala Classic Birch Skinning Knife Review

Rapala Skinning Knife

The Rapala Classic Birch Collection of premium hunting knives includes this impressive 4.5 inch skinning knife.

Getting a big animal on the ground is only the beginning for most big game hunters, then, the real work starts. The last thing you want to have happen when you’re miles back in mountain country is a skinning knife that isn’t sharp and we’ve got one of the best reputations in knife-making here to help you out. Continue Reading

Marriage Planning For The Outdoorsman

Marriage Planning For The Outdoorsman, A Marriage Solunar Table

outdoor marriag

If you decide to get married, make sure the outdoorsman in you picks the date.

As I’ve lamented in past columns, I really messed up when I agreed to marry my lovely wife on October 22nd. Don’t get me wrong, marrying her was the absolute smartest decision I ever made. We have been married for 24 years and I couldn’t have found a better life partner and mother to our daughters. The mess up was choosing to get married in late October. Most guys get in trouble because they forget it’s their anniversary. I’m usually not even in the same state as my wife, Jeannie, on that day. Continue Reading


Simplify Your Hunt

simplify hunt

Hunting is complicated enough without hunters making it tougher on themselves. Simplify it and experience more success.

Recently I have listening to several podcasts by Randy Newberg, an elk hunter with his own TV show “Fresh Tracks” and I kept hearing a common theme, keeping things simple. It didn’t really hit me right away but after a while I started thinking about it and keeping things simple when hunting is really one of the only ways to be successful. Continue Reading

Finding More Sheds On Your Property

Shed Hunting Finding Natures Treasures


Marc with some successful finds.

By: Marc Drewek

I fondly refer to shed hunting as an Easter egg hunt for grown-ups. As an avid bow hunter for over 35 years, shed hunting was a way to scout deer that had survived the winter. Shed hunting for me now has taken on a whole new meaning. Getting out into the outdoors and getting some exercise is now equally as important as the scouting mission itself. Continue Reading

Looking For Your Next Out Of State Adventure?

High Country Elk Out of State Hunts

high country elk

A colorado elk hunt just may be the best choice for your next out of state adventure.

“Hang on a second and let me do a cow call before we clear the trees,” I suggested as the four of us neared the large park we agreed to check before we broke off into pairs for the days hunt. The call had no sooner than left the tube when the first bull sounded off less than 200 yards away! Continue Reading

Giving You A New Twist To Food Plots

Different Types of Food Plots for Deer

By Steve Jordan

Through the years I have always had a nice patch of sunflowers. They grow easily, look beautiful when they flower, and add nutrition for many birds and animals. They also add a great cover or escape for pheasants, rabbits, and other critters from predators. I try to include at least a half acre of sunflowers in my food plot rotation. Continue Reading