How to Bring Yourself Good Luck While Hunting VIDEO

How to Bring Yourself Good Luck While Hunting

We’ve all been there. You’re in a rut, you don’t know how to get wild game to come into shooting range or you’re not seeing animals. It sucks, but Steven Riniella, author and star of The Meat Eater tv show has some ideas on how to kill more game and bring yourself good luck while hunting. Check out the video to learn. Continue Reading

Stay Dry on Stand with the Nomad Integrator Shell Jacket

Nomad Integrator Shell Jacket Review

Nomad Integrator Review

The Nomad Integrator shell jacket is a 100% waterproof shell that will keep you warm, dry and out in the field. This one shown is the Kryptek Banshee camo pattern.

You can’t kill big bucks or elk when you’re on the couch, so don’t let rain or weather keep you from getting into the field. The best way to do this is to have great rain gear and the Nomad Integrator Shell Jacket is a piece of rain gear that will keep you dry and out in the field. This 100% waterproof shell will keep you on the stand and in the field from the early to late seasons so that you won’t miss your shot on your next trophy. Continue Reading

2016 Mathews Bow Lineup Released

2016 Mathews Bow Lineup

2016 Mathews Bow Released

The Mathews Halon is the all-new flagship bow released in the 2016 bow lineup.

While the rut in most of the country is winding down, the bow shopping season is heating up and there’s no better brand to check out right now than Mathews Inc. Today, Mathews released their 2016 archery lineup and they’ve got some big, big news. The 2016 Mathews bow lineup includes an all new flagship bow that is Mathew’s hardest hitting bow yet, the Mathews Halon. There is also an addition to the NO CAM lineup with the 2016 Mathews NO CAM HTX. Continue Reading

Quench Your Thirst Without Taking Up Space in your Pack with Vapur

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Vapur Water Bottle

Mossy Oak Vapur Bottle

The Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity bottle from Vapur is a water pouch that is lightweight and takes up barely any space in your hunting pack.

Everyone needs water when they’re hunting. Long sits and challenging hunts mean you need to drink but one of the common problems that I’ve found is that water bottles take up a lot of space in a pack, add weight and can sometimes be loud. Have you ever drank a plastic disposable bottle that crinkled when you finished it in your backpack? I have and it could scare away a dream buck. This is where the Mossy Oak Break-Up Vapur Infinity Bottle comes in. Continue Reading

Mark Drury Arrows his Largest Buck Ever- A 211 inch Iowa Monster!

Mark Drury Kills a 211 Inch Iowa Buck- Bucktober

Killing big bucks year after year and killing them on video is tough to do and the DOD team with Mark Drury has been doing it for years. While putting down these monsters on video is challenging enough, putting down a 211 inch buck is nearly impossible, but Mark Drury was able to do just that yesterday on an Iowa giant he calls Bucktober. This is Mark’s largest buck killed with a bow and arrow and it’s all on video. Continue Reading

How to Skin a Deer With an Air Compressor

How to Skin a Deer With an Air Compressor

How to Skin A Deer With An Air Compressor

Learn How to Skin A Deer With An Air Compressor in 6 easy steps. Graphic created by Scott Huntington

Skinning a deer is something even seasoned hunters probably do one way and one way only. Would it surprise you to learn that there may be a better way? A way involving compressed air, of all things? Continue Reading

First Ever Mule Deer Shot in Wisconsin

First Ever Mule Deer Shot in Wisconsin

Wi Mule deer

This mule deer buck was killed near Amery Wisconsin by Randy Haines and is the first reported mule deer kill in the state.

It’s not every day that you see a mule deer in the state of Wisconsin and killing one has never been done. Randy Haines of Amery, Wisconsin however did the unthinkable when he brought down a mule deer buck with his bow and arrow last week.¬† Continue Reading

Brave the Cold in Your Treestand with these Deer Hunting Bibs

Sitka Fanatic Bibs Review

Sitka Fanatic Bib Review

The Sitka Fanatic Bibs are built for deer hunters. They trap in body heat and have berber cloth so they’re quiet.

I’ve done a lot of hunting and spent a lot of time outside throughout my life and I’ve come to realize a few things, the most important being that if you’re wet and cold, you’re not going to have a good time. Having tried hundreds of products looking for the best gear that isn’t bulky, isn’t too heavy and keeps me warm and dry, I’m really lucky to have found Sitka and their whitetail gear. The Sitka Fanatic bibs are easily the best bibs for whitetail hunting that I have ever tried and the deer will never see you in a tree. Continue Reading