Giant 230 Inch Buck Shot by Kansas Youth

Giant 230 Inch Buck Shot by Kansas Youth

Giant 230 in KS Buck

Clayton Brummer shot this huge 230 inch Kansas buck during the youth season on September 8, 2015.

It is the time of year again that we start to see pictures of giant bucks that have been shot all across the country and this one could be one of the biggest of the year. Early season giants not only make awesome mounts, but are bucks that are almost always the result of hard work and scouting. This big 230 inch Kansas buck is no exception. Continue Reading

Camping or Backcountry Hunts Need a Weekend Experience

Vapium Weekender Edition Review

solar powered vaportizer

The Vapium Weekender Edition vaporizer is a powerful, solar powered vaporizer for life off of the grid.

Whether you’re heading out for a long weekend in the woods or a month long vacation in the mountains, sometimes having solar power is a huge benefit. For smokers, the Vapium Weekender Edition is an eco-friendly way to get your fix while charging with the sun and not having to worry about modern power. Continue Reading

Heaviest Black Bear Ever Killed

How Big is the Biggest Black Bear Ever?

biggest black bear ever

The heaviest black bear ever killed was shot in Arizona over 100 years ago

Next week I will be going black bear hunting for the first time in Wisconsin. I have never killed a black bear and am slightly concerned about how well I will do judging the size of these bears. I’ve been going over many internet photos of bears, trying to find things that I can use to judge, which led me to this question, “How big is the biggest black bear ever killed?.” Continue Reading

Pelican 1750 Long Case Review

Pelican 1750 Long Case Review

Pelican 1750 Long case review

The Pelican 1750 Long case is a sturdy, durable gun case that is waterproof, dust proof and crush proof.

People don’t put bumper stickers on Bentleys and you shouldn’t put your expensive rifle or shotgun in a fabric sleeve. For years, hunters have been using the cheapest gun cases that they can find for their expensive firearms without a second thought, but why? Too many guns have been broken by doing this so we want to introduce you to the Pelican 1750 Long CaseContinue Reading