Keep your Feet Fresh with these Bonefish Flip Flops

Smathers & Branson Bonefish Needlepoint Flip Flops


Bonefish Needlepoint Flip Flops

Smathers & Branson’s Bonefish Needlepoint Flip Flops keep your feet cool on the dock and on the water.

Keeping your feet cool and looking good isn’t always easy when the temperatures rise in the summer. For times like these, you need some flip flops that not only keep you cool, but are comfortable and look cool. Smathers & Branson has been making high-quality needlepoint flip flops for some time and they’ve got you covered in these stylish Bonefish flip flops. Continue Reading

DIY: How to Make Your Own Deer Hunting Cover Scent

How to Make Deer Hunting Cover Scent

make deer hunting scent

Learning how to make your own deer hunting cover scent is a great way to save money and smell like your surroundings.

Deer hunting cover scent is something that many of us as hunters use. We can debate the effectiveness of it up and down, but it’s certainly not going to hurt your hunt. There are plenty of commercial scents out there, but many of these are not going to be accurate to the time or year or location. You can get the best scent by having it smell like your region, plus, you can save some money by making your own deer hunting cover scentContinue Reading

Don’t Head to Shore to Remove a Backpack with this Innovative Fly Fishing Gear

MindShift Gear Rotation180 Panorama Backpack Review

rotation180 Panorama backpack review

The Rotation180 backpack from MindShift Gear is an innovative pack that allows fishermen to access all of their gear without removing their backpacks mid-stream. Photo credit to Justin Hamblin.

Imagine this: You’ve gotten away for a day of fly fishing. You’re out on the water waded out, hammering fish. You’ve got a backpack on instead of a fannie pack because, let’s face it, they’re WAY more comfortable. All of a sudden it starts to rain and you’d like to grab your rain coat, but to do so, you’d have to take off your backpack and it’ll get wet, so you have to go all the way to shore. Now we know, you have the wrong backpack….

Continue Reading

North American Super Slam of Hunting

Hunting Super Slam

North American Hunting Super Slam

The North American Hunting Super Slam includes killing 29 of the recognized big game animals in North America.

North American big game hunters get to hunt some of the wildest and largest animals in the world. There are many different species and subspecies of big game animals to hunt in the United States and Canada and they all offer their own unique challenge. For hunters who want to achieve one of the biggest hunting goals, there is the North American Super Slam. The Super Slam of Hunting is the ultimate hunting achievement and is incredibly difficult to do. Continue Reading

Hunting Goals: How to Get a Turkey Grand Slam

How to Get a Turkey Grand Slam

Turkey Grand Slam

Earning a turkey hunting grand slam is a goal of many turkey hunters and includes kill four subspecies of wild turkeys.

Many hunters who are passionate about turkey hunting have a goal of one day achieving a turkey hunting grand slam. To earn this, you’ll need to kill four of North America’s wild turkey subspecies. There are two species of turkey that are game animals in North America, the  Ocellated turkey and the wild turkey. The wild turkey is further divided into six subspecies, four of which make up the grand slam of wild turkeys.  Continue Reading