2015 Wisconsin Sturgeon Spearing Season Ends on High Note

The 2015 WI Sturgeon Spearing Season was the 6th Highest Harvest

biggest sturgeon of 2015

Chad Gerney speared the largest sturgeon of the 2015 season that was 81.3 inches long and weighed 137.5 pounds. Photo from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The Wisconsin sturgeon spearing season was one of the most brutal this year in terms of weather conditions, but was one of the most successful in terms of speared fish. The season opened on February 14 with negative temperatures and 45 mile an hour winds and lasted until this past Saturday on the state’s largest lake, Winnebago. With a total harvest of 2,158 fish, this was the sixth highest harvest on record. Continue Reading

HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Review

HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Review

HHA Single Pin Sight Review

This sight is definitely one of the best hunting bow sights on the market and is made by a quality company out of Wisconsin.

Bow sights are a lot like scopes on a rifle, it’d be foolish to buy a nice bow (or gun) and not put a quality sight on it. Luckily, for those of us that want the best bow sights available, there is the HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin. The number one selling single pin mover sight on the market is better than ever and is completely decked out with tons of features that you can not find anywhere else. The quality in this bow sight is unbelievable and will make you a much better shooter. Check out all the details on the HHA website and the full review below. Continue Reading

How to Pattern Your Shotgun for Turkey Hunting

How to Pattern Your Shotgun for Turkey Hunting

How to Pattern Your Shotgun for Turkey Hunting

Having your shotgun patterned correctly will allow you to shoot further and be more accurate on big toms.


While most of us will have to wait to go after long-beards until April, there are some parts of the country that you can get out as early as mid-March, but it’s never too early to start planning for the hunt. Turkey hunting involves plenty of planning, scouting and honing your calling skills, but one often overlooked critical step is patterning your shotgun if that’s your weapon of choice. We are going to teach you how to pattern your shotgun for turkey hunting. Continue Reading

5 Things Deer Hunters Can Do in February

5 Things Deer Hunters Can Do in February

5 things hunters do in winter

Finding shed antlers is one thing that you can do in February to find where whitetails live.

Winter is among us, but February sometimes provides us with a glimpse of what is coming soon, warmer weather. A little disclaimer, I’m currently writing this in Wisconsin where it’s less than 10 degrees outside. With the promise of winter ending soon, we wanted to give all of the hard-core deer hunters out there some hope and show you 5 things deer hunters can do in February.  Continue Reading

MorningMoss Shed Antler Photo Contest

Shed Antler Photo Contest

shed antler photo contest

To enter the shed antler photo contest send your photos to PJ@morningmoss.com and share on social media to win great prizes!

Winter can be a drag, but with spring just around the corner, we know that all of you hunters are ready to get outside and start scouring the woods, fields, marshes and hills for shed antlers! We want to see your pictures and hear your stories from the shed antlers you find and that’s why we’re having a contest (with prizes) for the best photos, stories and biggest antlers. Continue Reading