2015 Battle on Bago Fishing Tournament

Battle on Bago Fishing Tournament

2015 battle on bago

The 2015 Battle on Bago ice fishing tournament is held on February 27th and 28th in Oshkosh, WI

In less than a month thousands of fishermen will head to Oshkosh, Wisconsin on the state’s largest lake to fish the Midwest’s largest ice fishing tournament. Battle on ‘Bago is one of the best family and fishing events of the year. With live music, raffles, a fish fry and many other activities, there will be something for everyone to do here. Not only is this a premier fishing tournament, but it’s also all done for a great cause, to benefit kids and conservation.  Continue Reading

2 Massive Albino Catfish Caught on Same Boat!

Massive Albino Catfish Caught in Spain

Giant Albino Catfish

John Edwards and Tom Herron pose with their giant catfish. Photo by CatMaster Tours

River fishing can be unpredictable, just ask anyone who hits the Mississippi routinely, but these two guys on the River Segre in Spain got a whole lot more than they bargained for. Recently, two fishermen, John Edwards and Tom Herron were fishing for catfish in Mequinenza, Spain when they landed two giant albinos. Continue Reading

Bobcat Trap Release Goes Horribly Wrong VIDEO

Bobcat Trap Release Goes Horribly Wrong VIDEO


Just because your heart is in the right place doesn’t mean that everything is going to work out. Ask these guys, who while trying to free a bobcat from a trap, got themselves in trouble. This was one pissed off cat and when it’s foot was released it let these guys know. Continue Reading

FITS Socks Review

FITS Socks Review

FITS Socks Review

FITS socks are awesome wool socks for hiking, hunting and fishing.

Wool socks are a staple in my wardrobe. I’ve got quite the collection. Some for hunting, some for fishing and a lot for everyday wear. None of them are as comfortable or as nice as the FITS brand. FITS socks are incredible. They are cushioned, soft and are made with the finest merino wool from New Zealand. Check out the full FITS socks review and their website here.

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