BlackFire Clamplight Review

BlackFire Clamplight Review

BlackFire Clamplight review

One of the many uses for the BlackFire Clamplight is to fix cars or other devices while using two hands.


Flashlights are a dime a dozen and thank god because I tend to lose every last one of them. I put them in drawers, lose them in the woods and drop and break them. I’ve tried to make them stay in spots that they won’t fit and held them in my mouth while gutting deer and nothing has worked yet besides a headlamp. The BlackFire Clamplight changes things. This light clamps on to virtually anything and pumps out 100 lumens 0f LED brightness. You can buy one right here for only $19.99. Continue Reading

Wisconsin Bow Buck Record Torch Passes

Gerrits Buck & Hupf’s Buck Wisconsin Archery Typical Record

wi record bow bucks

Pictured above are Dusty Gerrits (right) and Adam Hupf (left) with their #1 and #2 Wisconsin state record typical archery bucks. Photo courtesy of Dusty Gerrits

It is a once in a lifetime experience to shoot a giant buck and even more of one to shoot a state record. Wisconsin is home to some of the biggest bucks in the world and the records keep getting broken. This past week, the giant typical buck shot by Adam Hupf was declared the new Wisconsin state record typical buck for archery. It broke the previous record held by Dusty Gerrits of a buck shot in 2012. Pictured above are both men with the racks of their state record bucks, with Gerrits passing the torch if you will. These amazing deer were both shot by quality hunters and it’s great to see them with both of these monster Wisconsin bucks. Continue Reading

Amazing Kill Shot on Video

Incredible Bow Shot while Laying Down Kills Doe

Shooting long distances is very tough. Shooting long distances while laying down AND on your side is even tougher. The hunter in this video managed to do both and it resulted in a doe for the freezer. Don’t miss out on this awesome shot on video. Continue Reading

Early Ice fishing in Wisconsin

Early Ice Fishing in Wisconsin

lake Winnebago bluegill

Casey Witt managed to catch a few bluegills out on Lake Winnebago ice fishing.

Wisconsin lakes have been hit with plenty of early ice this year and the season is now well under way. Ice fishing is not my first love by any means, but it is growing on me. It’s also a good excuse to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air. The fresh panfish and walleye dinners are another great addition to these reasons.  Continue Reading

New Wisconsin Typical Buck Archery Record Set

New Wisconsin Typical Buck Archery Record Set

Adam Hupf Buck

This 13 point, 191 6/8 inch typical buck shot by Adam Hupf is the new Wisconsin Archery Typical Record.

Adam Hupf’s monstrous 13 point buck that was shot on October 11 in Dodge County, Wisconsin has been scored as the new Wisconsin archery record for a typical buck. The 60-day drying period has now passed and the rack was officially scored this past Saturday in Green Bay by members of the Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club. The giant Wisconsin typical buck measured 200 4/8 inches gross and 191 6/8 inches net according to the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club.  Continue Reading

Avex Highland Travel Mug Review

Avex Highland Travel Mug Review

Avex Highland Travel Mug

The Avex Highland Travel Mug is the perfect spill-proof, leak-proof hunting travel mug.

The first rule to having a fun, successful outdoor experience is stay safe. The second, make sure you have hot coffee. Hot coffee is a necessity. It gets you out of bed, keeps you alert and is one of the best ways to start your morning. If you don’t drink coffee while fishing, hunting or doing anything early in the morning, then you’re not a real outdoorsman. Just kidding, just kidding, but seriously, having a good coffee thermos that won’t leak so you smell like java and keeps your drink hot (or cold) for hours is really important to many outdoor lovers. Luckily, the Avex Highland Travel mug works like a charm and keeps your drink hot without leaking your drink so all the deer smell you. Get yours hereContinue Reading

TOOLS FOR SURVIVAL: What You Need to Survive When You’re On Your Own Book Review

TOOLS FOR SURVIVAL by James Wesley, Rawles

Tools for Survival Book

The book, Tools for Survival, by James Rawles has some good information for outdoorsman.

I enjoy reading and with both of my buck tags filled for the year, I’ve had some extra time to do so. I’ll read anything. Fiction, non-fiction, hunting and any other subject matter, I just really enjoy it. Last week, I came across a post from Mark Kenyon of Wired to Hunt. He wrote about some of the best hunting books there are, which got me to thinking. I wanted to read something outdoor related and came across this book about survival: Tools for Survival by James Wesley, Rawles. Continue Reading