One of the problems with camping is getting fresh coffee. Unless you own a french press or like to make cowboy coffee, you’re kind of in trouble. Don’t get me wrong, both are great options, but there’s a lot of people out there who want to keep the convenience and deliciousness of their K cup style coffee shop brew out in the woods. For this, there is the COFFEEBOXX. Continue Reading

Missouri Beer Can Buck- User Submission

Missouri Beer Can Buck

Beer can buck

Kevin Clouse killed this big buck dubbed the “beer can buck” after missing another great deer earlier in the day.

Full Story and Photos of the Beer Can Buck!

Last week we posted an article about a buck that has been named the “Beer Can Buck” that was shot in Melbourne, Missouri on December 13th. This incredible deer sports countless points and mass that is insane. The bases on the antlers were bigger than beer cans, which is how it got the name. Kevin Clouse was the lucky hunter who killed this buck and we were able to get in touch with him for some more information on the story and a lot more photos of this massive Missouri buck.  Continue Reading

Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow Review

Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow Review

Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow Review

The Mission MXB Sniper Lite crossbow is lightweight, fast and accurate. It’s also affordable and sells for $599.

Crossbows have become legal in many new states this year for deer hunting and the increase in their popularity has pushed bow makers to revolutionize these horizontal bows. Mission Archery has hit a grand slam here with their new Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow. This bow is packed with great features, weighs in at under six pounds and offers unparalleled balance and accuracy. The Mission MXB Sniper Lite crossbow review shows how one of the best quality crossbows can still be affordable. Find your local Mission retailer and the MXB Sniper Lite crossbow here. Continue Reading

Beer Can Buck

MO Beer Can Buck

beer can buck

This buck dubbed the “Beer Can Buck” due to it’s bases as big as beer cans was killed in Melbourne, Missouri on December 13, 2014 Photo credit goes to Kevin Clouse

I came across a story today on Field and Stream of a huge buck shot in Missouri that was dubbed, the Beer Can Buck. This monster white tail was killed in Melbourne, Missouri on December 13, 2014. The hunter that was lucky enough to kill this deer had encountered it three years ago and was always hoping for another shot at it. When he first saw it three years ago, he said that it’s bases were as big as beer cans, hence the name. We’re going to guess that after killing this monster, this hunter had more than a few beers. You can read the full story on Field and Stream here and more information below.  Continue Reading

Huge Lake Trout Caught on Clear Ice – Video

Huge Lake Trout Caught on Clear Ice – Video

Giant lake trout caught on the Great Lakes through the ice is one of the best winter activities that you can do. Not only do these fish fight hard, but you have to catch them incredibly deep, so you have a long, long fight. This giant lake trout was caught through the ice on Lake Superior where the ice-fishermen were 20 miles out on the lake. Check out their reaction when they first see the fish through the clear ice. Continue Reading