Extreme Backyard: Skeet Range Right Outside your Door

Olympic Skeet Range in the Backyard

A lot of hunters love to skeet shoot and trap shoot. It’s a good time to have with your friends, helps you practice for ducks and other waterfowl and is a competitive sport. Many of us just set up a pull system or throw clay pidgins ourselves in our backyards, but Olympic skeet shooter Allen Treadwell of Seligman, Missouri took it one step further. Continue Reading

How to Track Phases of the Rut

How to Track Phases of the Rut

Phases of the Rut

Learning what phase of the rut you’re in can help you pin point deer locations and get you a big buck

It’s that beautiful time of year, the rut. We all love it. We all wait all year for it. The question is… when does it start? How do we know when the rut is on and what phase it’s in? Some of you are going, “well who cares? As long as I’m seeing bucks.” Understanding and being able to tell what phase of the rut is on will help you pin point where big bucks are and where they are going to be. Learn how to track phases of the rut below. Continue Reading

Potential Wisconsin State Record Typical Buck Shot

Potential Wisconsin State Record Typical Buck Shot

Adam Hupf Buck

This buck green scored 202 inches gross and could be the next WI state record typical buck

Monster Wisconsin Typical Buck Shot

Some hunters, just like some athletes have that “it” factor, Adam Hupf is one of those hunters. Most guys (and girls) dream of killing a 200 inch monster buck, but very few do it. Adam has managed the impossible, to take two bucks of this caliber in less than five years. Not only has he put some massive deer down, but he now has shot what could be the next Wisconsin State Typical Archery Record. Last week, Adam arrowed a buck that he’s been hunting for quite some time and it has the potential to be a new Wisconsin State Archery Record Buck.  Continue Reading

The Difference is in the Rod: St. Croix is a Step Ahead of the Rest

St. Croix Rod Reviews

st croix rod reviews

Buying a St. Croix rod can show a fisherman just how many fish he’s been missing out on.

Since I was a kid, I have been making the yearly trip down the fishing rod aisle at the sporting goods store. My search was always for a rod that would hold up against a tough fish, yet show every sign of action from the fish. I tried everything, from the Ugly Stik, to the Berkeley Cherrywood, even to some more expensive models like the Fenwick. It was two years ago when I received my first St. Croix rod as a gift for Christmas. Since then, I have not had to make any further trips or purchases. I had always held off on buying a St. Croix rod because the price was a little out of my range (these rods retail at anywhere from $100-$400). It was a brutal wait until the ice thawed that spring and I was able to try out my present.
The results were amazing. Continue Reading

Wag’s Extreme Estrus Hunting Scent Review

Wag’s Extreme Estrus Hunting Scent Review

Wag's Extreme Estrous

Wag’s Extreme Estrous scent is unlike any other doe estrous on the market and is 100% pure.

Recently the guys over at Wags Hunting Scents were kind enough to send me some estrus scent to try. Wags is a Wisconsin based company that is not too far from where I live, so I was really excited to try out the scent (and was in dire need of some). It’s a little early for the scent in Wisconsin, but not on the deer that they have at Wags. Nik Wagner, the owner, told me that they got the estrous from a hot doe the morning that he mailed it out and they only get scent from does during the peak of estrous. I was pumped to try it out and expected it to be similar to every other scent that I’ve tried.  Continue Reading

Remember Hunting Fundamentals for the Rut Chaos

Hunting Fundamentals for the Rut

rut huntin tips

Don’t forget your fundamental hunting skills during the chaotic rut hunting season.

The rut is a great time of year. It’s the best time to get out and deer hunt and offers most hunters their best chance to kill a big buck. The rut makes deer go insane, but sometimes, we as hunters can too. Make sure that you’re prepared and ready for the kill shot during the best time for hunting. Continue Reading

Geese Slaying Machines- User Submission

Geese Slaying Machines- User Submission

Geese Slayers

Ryan, Adam and Kyle were lucky enough to have a great morning shooting geese in Wisconsin

Four hours of sleep and dreadful hangovers from the night before didn’t stop these hunters from getting out and bagging some geese on a bright and crisp Wisconsin morning. Sitting over a combined cornfield in some standing corn, these goose hunters were able to score on several nice birds. Continue Reading