780 Pound WI Black Bear Killed

780 Pound WI Black Bear Killed

780 Pound WI Black Bear Killed

Dennis Arndt managed to kill the Bear “Sampson” that has eluded hunters for years in Waupaca county. The Bear weighed in at 780 pounds

Massive Wisconsin Black Bear Killed

Wisconsin black bears don’t typically top the 700 pound range, but this big black bear shot in Waupaca county this weekend is a different story. The 780 pound bear shot by Dennis Arndt near Ogdensburg is absolutely massive and the lucky hunter is still shocked that he was able to put it down. Continue Reading

The Monster in the Pipes: a Look into What is Happening below Your Feet

High Capacity Wells in Wisconsin

High Capacity Wells Wisconsin

High capacity wells in Wisconsin could drastically affect water levels in your favorite streams and lakes

High Capacity Wells’ Effects on Water Levels

Most people probably do not realize the sheer volume of water that high capacity wells draw from the water table. The Wisconsin Administrative Code defines a high capacity well system as “one or more wells, drillholes or mineshafts on a property that have a combined approved pump capacity of 70 or more gallons per minute” (High Capacity Well Information). This is an astounding number. Many of these high capacity wells draw over one million gallons of water every year. This high volume of water must be replaced in order to keep a balance in the water levels of aquifers. Continue Reading

Huge Minnesota Velvet Archery Buck Shot 2014

Huge Minnesota Velvet Archery Buck Shot 2014

Giant MN Velvet Bow Buck 2014

This possible state record Minnesota archery buck was shot in September 2014 near Winona, MN


Every year there are plenty of whitetail rumors and plenty of giant bucks shot that go around the internet. This one right here though, is a monster. While we are still looking for more information on this (if you have any please send to PJ@morningmoss.com) here is what we know so far about this giant Minnesota velvet archery buck shot last week. Continue Reading

Giant New Mexico Bull Shot- User Submission

New Mexico 6X6 Bull Shot

Sacramento Mountain Outfitters Elk

Sam Wiersma shot this big 6X6 bull elk with Sacramento Mountain Outfitters out of Cloudcroft, New Mexico. It is his first bull elk

Sacramento Mountain Outfitters Cloudcroft, NM

Sam shot this giant Idaho bull on his first ever elk hunt last week Sunday with Sacramento Mountain Outfitters in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. The bull was shot in unit 34 and while it hasn’t been scored yet, looks to be right around 300 inches. Sam was in the middle of about 60 head of elk that were all within 100 yards when he put his arrow right through the heart of this bull with a 30 yard shot.  Continue Reading

Under Armour Ridge Reaper Barren Series Camo

Under Armour Ridge Reaper Camo

Under Armour Ridge Reaper Barren Series Camo

The Under Armour Ridge Reaper Barren Series Camo is a new pattern from UA that offers a disruptive camouflage design

Under Armour used to be the front runner for camouflage apparel for younger and “hipper” hunters. They produced the best fitting, coolest looking and most technologically advanced gear on the market. You could easily spend near $1,000 on a new set of gear, fully equipped from head to toe with the UA symbol. People didn’t mind spending that much either, because they knew they were getting the best stuff out there. At some point though, this all changed and the gear they produced wasn’t the coolest on the market anymore and didn’t offer the best patterns. They’re back in the game.  Continue Reading

Bone Chilling Coyote Howls on VIDEO

Bone Chilling Coyote Howls on VIDEO

The other night when I was out bow hunting I heard a large pack of coyotes howling and killing something. I never saw them but it was really loud and there were certainly some unpleasant noises. That got me thinking this week and I came across this video. The caller is set up on a chair in the woods and calls twice, while the first call didn’t get anythings attention, the second one definitely did. Listen to hear these chilling coyote howls erupt in the woods. Continue Reading